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Doctor Watches Me Stroke It.

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Sometimes I like masturbation better than sex. Also a primer course for getting a girl to jack your cock. Another name would be HAND JOBS 101.


Ever since I was young and all the gals I've had sex with tell me what a beautiful cock I have I get off when they look at it. It's not all that big 7" but I have found out most men aren't even that. They say 6" is average. From what a few Asian hookers have told me, 5 is more like it. Hookers ought to know, I expect they must see 8 cocks a day.

If you can't tell I've got a thing for Asian girls too. I have a full on case of yellow fever. I usually only go for Asian girls, I love their exotic looks. One of my doctors is Indian and the other Asian. Cause again, they look at my cock.

I go to a lot of trouble to show women my cock. I love to watch their eyes as they stare and slowly fall into, what looks like to me, a trance. I mesmerize them with my dick. I've gotten a hell of a lot of pussy that way. Get it hard and take the thing out. First they act surprised and some a bit offended but they all do the same thing. A hush comes over their face, they freeze for up to a minute, then slowly a hand reaches out and grabs ahold. That's about all I do to seduce women. It's like a super model to a guy. What guy is not going to want to fuck a beautiful, glamorous model. It's like that with my cock, they see it and it makes their pussies wet as the Niagara.

I love to jack off and have them watch me. Sometimes I'd rather do that than have sex. Recently I have come up with a master plan. I've done it with a few doctors. I call Asian doctors and tell them I need an Adult doctor. I have an adult condition and I need a very mature doctor to understand it.

This should work for a lot of men, not just me. Tell them you are temporarily on a drug that lowers your blood pressure. This may not work with a medical doctor but it will work with an Asian doctor of TCM or acupuncture. No acupuncturist will admit they practice placebo and snake oil. They all truly want to believe they are helping me. Like I really need any help in getting my dick hard.

Tell them that with the blood pressure lowering medication you cannot get your penis hard and can they apply some needles or electronic stimulation so you can either or with their help masturbate to an orgasm. You can say you are on Lisinopril or Carvedilol, either of them have the side affect.

If they start to give you some bull about your not needing to have an orgasm for proper health tell them it's just like a woman when her breasts are too full of milk. Tell them you need to relieve the same pressure but of your semen and not milk. Tell them being a female they would not understand such things. That usually gets them to shut up and agree to help you.

Some will refer you to somebody else, maybe a male doctor. Just laugh. Tell them you need a female's touch or you won't be able to get your dick hard at all. Some will refuse to help. Make them feel guilty for not caring. If that doesn't work just hang up and call another. There is a whole phone book of them. I use a site that has their pics listed as well as their info. Like I said, I like pretty Asian ladies. I have found that the Chinese are much more sympathetic to your plight.

I've gone thru quite a gamut of Asian females to help me in my quests. I have one now that I have seen four times and with each visit I get her to agree to more. I hope one day to fuck her. That is usually where this goes but as I said before my quest for now is to watch them watch me jack off while they hold a tissue to shoot into.

First I got her to agree to help me. Then I go in and get naked and climb up on the table. At first play dumb and let her do what she wants. Later you can suggest what she should try and what should work best, tell them other doctors have done it and you've had good success. Sometimes they will ask why you don't go back to her. Tell them she is on vacation or retired.

What I do now is sit up with the aid of a pillow. She starts to put a few needles into my legs. At first this one said it may be illegal. Assure them you would never ask them to to do anything illegal. Tell them masturbation is not illegal. It's not. Surely though, she could apply some oil to my penis to aid me. She does so, she puts a few drops on at a time until I say when.

The first time she left the room, that voided my plans right away. Turns out she was shy and wasn't sure if I needed the privacy. In an instance such as this tell them you need the E-stim and you need them to turn it off as soon as you ejaculate or it will be very uncomfortable or even painful. This gets them to stay and watch and know you are okay with it.

On my last appointment I told her I needed a woman's touch to get me to shoot a good load. I had her caressing my legs and thighs.All the while I like to watch her eyes, they never leave my cock for a moment. Especially of you tell them you are close to orgasm. All girls like to watch an attractive cock shoot it's come. Many like to help it on it's way.

Don't forget to praise them for knowing just how to make your cock so hard. They love this and reinforces their ability in their own minds. Not to mention, everyone likes praise and to feel appreciated. Many times more so than money. Later I take money out of the equation altogether. I get them to do it for free. Then I know for sure they are getting off on seeing me jack it.

With all of them watch very closely and read the signs. Some might just want to fuck as soon as you pull it out. When they ask you if you have a condom that is a sure fire sign all worked as planned. If they reach out and touch it ask them if they may like to try their hand at it. Tell them it always shoots more when a lady does it.

Make sure you tell them they are attractive and if you were not married you could really go for them. Many times they will tell you they think you have a very attractive cock. This is a ploy on their part or they are so over come by desire they forgot the whole patient doctor scenario. Sometimes they are just so taken by the sight of my cock they forget all else and need to have it.

Some may even be married. Make sure you do not give them your true address. Some will call you later for a date or want to know when they will see you again. It's not about them, it's about you and the hunt. Stay a mystery. If they get clingy thank them for being such a kind and caring doctor. Make sure they know you only wish for a professional relationship. You maybe asking for trouble.

If on the rare occasion you get a cold fish go back one last time. Do everything in your power not to get hard. Make them know they are worthless as a doctor. (I have never had to resort to this, all my fish got warm by my fire.) Just be aware if you ever need it. They will pull a double duty to get your dick hard. Whether women want to admit it or not they are all secretly flattered they could get your cock hard. It's a boost to their ego.

Don't worry about the nay sayers. I am batting 2 or 3 times I get to home base. I always have gotten on base for a single from the very first try. Of course I don't even play with then ones I can't hook on the phone. Play them by ear and don't forget there is always another to get on your hook. With some proper home work (Phone work) you can cull the cold fish that don't want to even taste the hook.

Good luck and good jacking. Remember, what ever you do keep up the professional persona so you can't get put in jail for being the pervert you and I are. The way to properly play women is to not let them know they are being played at all. Wear a suit and tie if you need to.



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