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Doctor Doctor, Give Me the News

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I discovered masturbation when I was 18. I grew up in a house where sex was unheard of. I am an only child and I have never heard my parents having sex. I went to a catholic school my entire life and now go to a catholic college. My parents have always told me to save myself for marriage but we never had the sex talk. So when I turned 18 and was on my own in college, I was confused when I began to get these, feelings between my legs; so I went to the doctor.

After I signed in and waited in the lobby for about 15 minutes, the nurse finally called my name. Once I was in the office I was told to strip and put on a paper gown. The nurse left and said the doctor would be with my in a few minutes. When he walked in, my jaw dropped.

The doctor was GORGEOUS! He was young and had brown hair with baby blue eyes. He looked fit and had an amazing smile. I shifted in my seat and smiled and said hello.

'So whats the problem today?' he asked with a smile. So I told him I thought I maybe had something wrong with me. I explained about the throbbing and pulsing of my vagina lately. He smiled and gave me a knowing look but kept asking me questions.

'So when do you get these feelings?' he asked next. I replied that I was getting them a lot. I would get them at the most random times, when I was in my dorm, sitting in class, eating lunch, taking a shower, everywhere. He then looked at me and asked if I was a virgin; I replied yes. He then asked if I have ever masturbated. I had no idea what that was, so I replied no.

'Hmm... very interesting...' he replied and I gave him a scared look. 'Don't be nervous Haley, I think I know what is wrong with you.' He smiled.

He told me to get on the chair and he put my feet up. He spread my vagina open and took a look. Right then, I got another pulsing feeling. I looked down and could see my clit start to swell up; and the doctor noticed too. He smiled at me and asked 'are you having one of those feelings now?' I squirmed and felt a little uncomfortable, but replied with a nod.

The doctor pulled away from me and explained what was happening to my body. He explained all about masturbation and its benefits. He then asked if I wanted him to demonstrate. I was a little un sure but boy am I glad I said yes!

The doctor got close to my vagina again and spread me open. He slid his fingers through my slit and I saw how wet I was. He circled my clit then dipped his fingers into my vagina. I squirmed in pleasure. he then took a finger and slid it into my anus and I gasped in shock. He smiled at me and began to finger my vagina and ass. I was squirming but kept my mouth shut trying not to make a sound.

He noticed my struggle and told me its okay to moan, actually it is healthy to moan and usually helps the climax come faster, and easier. After hearing that I couldn't keep quiet anymore, I starting gasping for air and moaning.

The doctor knew I was close to climaxing so with another finger began to rub my clit. 'that's it, come on girl' he began to coax me. Then everything went fuzzy as my hips bucked up and my head rolled back. My vagina felt as if a tornado had just gone through it. I was moaning so loud now I was sure his nurse could hear me out in the hall. I had experienced my first orgasm. The doctor removed his fingers and went to the sink to wash up. he then came back to clean me up a bit because I was a sticky mess.

After I put my clothes back on the doctor gave me a slip of paper to give to the nurse before I left. I went to the nurse at the lobby desk and she smiled up at me. she asked 'did you enjoy your visit' with a wink. I smiled down at her and replied 'Why yes I did, I'll be sure to come back again.'



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