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Doctor Appointment

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I am pretty much an exhibitionist. I'm a little shy about my body though but I'm trying to get comfortable naked around pretty much anyone. There is that little rush of excitement to just be naked and those times are the best. Seeing as how I felt this way early on in life, I have many stories to tell.
I was going on routine doctor visits and check-ups for a month or so. The doctor suggested I get some x-rays and a sonogram done. I arrived at the hospital when scheduled and went where I needed to go, a cold room way in the middle of nowhere. The doctor was a female and seemed very nice during our quick discussions.
She informed me that I would be having a testicular sonogram done, which I was aware of, and it would check for lumps. I never had this procedure done before, but wondered how this was going to go.
She told me I would have to take off my pants and underwear, hop on the bed and that she would be putting a gel on my testicle and use a wand on my testicle to 'see' the area and take the sonogram photos for my regular doctor to see.
I said ok and we were ready to roll. Now, here comes that certain rush when you are about to be naked in front of someone you don't know and I felt that rush, but was still very calm and cool.
I was wearing a tight green tank top that day, a pair of shorts, then briefs, and sandals. I'm 23 and about 5,9 150 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, and I keep my body fit. Not muscle buff or ripped, but still look great. I'm not hairy but have it where it needs to be. I've sometimes been compared to AJ from the Backstreet Boys if that helps. So while she was getting things ready, I stood next to the table and in one motion pulled down my shorts and underwear. I left my sandals and shirt on and I bent over to pick up my shorts and I held them in front of my crotch. The nurse turned to ask me if I needed a gown and, I don't know if this was bold or not, but I said no.
She made her way to the table and told me I could put my things on the chair, which was next to me and to hop up on the bed. I also noticed a curtain on the opposite end of the room and hoped no one was behind there as I was starting to feel nervous. So I put my shorts and briefs on the chair and was - at least half - naked.
I got on the bed and was totally exposed where it matters. I'm about eight inches when fully hard and when soft, it can get pretty small. But I was about 3 inches at that point. And my nuts were hanging low. The doctor told me to hold my penis in an upward position against my stomach so it wouldn't get in the way and to pull it up a little so she could get good sonogram picturess and so the sack would be tight. So I did and she squeezed some KY jelly on my testicles. Luckily it was warm. So it began, and I didn't think much of it, it really didn't do anything for me personally and I just laid back with my right hand behind my head and the other hand holding the base of my penis to hold the nuts in place.
Well, a few more minutes into it I began to feel that stirring feeling we men know so well. I don't know where it came from really, but it did. I got a little nervous about it and felt my dick move slightly along my pelvis. The doctor would look over several times during this procedure so I knew she'd eventually see it growing. At a certain point, knowing there wasn't anything I could do about it, I just let it happen. I felt my dick slowly moving up my skin, getting bigger. The blood really rushes out of your brain because I started to like this. I guess the combination of the gel, me naked and the stranger, all got to me. So it was growing and she was looking - but had to anyway - while placing the wand around. I asked the doctor if she was seeing anything on the screen that caused alarm. She said my doctor had to tell me all that, etc. So I am finally at full wood. All eight inches laying against me, and my hand is still on it at the base holding my testicles in place. She looked and looked over and over. I didn't really know if I should say anything.
After a moment she asked if I needed to release my hand. I sure did. I guess my nervousness made my hand cramp into that one position on my nuts and it was probably evident. So I said if I could for a moment that's great. She said fine and I did, and my hand was a bit sore. So I moved my fingers around and she kept on with the exam. I figured seeing as I might not need to hold anything in place now I'll put both hands behind my head. I said that my hand had cramped a little and she said not to worry because they usually have men do that to keep the penis out of the way and the testicles tight for a better picture. I looked down at myself, as if I didn't know, and said, I'm really sorry about that, I don't know why it happened, it must just have been a while. She looked at my woody and said, Don't worry, it is quite normal, you don't have to worry about it. I informed her that the tests had me a little nervous ever since the doctor suggest I get them and that this was the first wood I popped in a week and that I hadn't even played with it. She said that must be an uncomfortable feeling and that I have nothing to worry about and at least I was getting the tests done and again informed me I didn't have to be embarrassed. I told her that it was a little embarrassing laying here with a woody in front of a stranger and she chuckled and said she sees a lot of things in this business.
So I was calm, but still turned on. I sure didn't have an accidental woody. She kept the wand wandering all over my nuts with the KY and it then felt good. So good I started leaking precum. I noticed because I would keep looking at my dick on and off. Looking at it pointing right at me, and now so hard it was raised off my stomach and pulsing. My nuts were tight now, and I definitely didn't need to hold them like before. I was really enjoying this. She had asked me if I had any discomfort in any areas so she could take a photo. I said yes and pointed out one area - which was really fine - that was more under my nuts. She said to spread my legs a little. Without asking, I did that and held my dick at the base with my thumb and holding my nuts up with my fingers. So my whole hand was around the base and I had it pointing up to the ceiling. As I did that, precum dripped down my head and shaft a bit. Awesome, is all I could think, and all I could do was admire it. I left the precum there to be seen.
She looked often at it too, but again had to look in that direction. So we were finally done and I was horny. She cleaned the wand as we chatted and I'm still there with a giant woody and hands behind my head. She got up and gets a rag from the other side of the room. She hands it to me and says I can wipe off all the gel with it. So knowing I wanted to show off more I got off the bed and stood in front of her, wood pointing straight up with a slight curve. She talked and I didn't much pay attention. I wiped my nuts off and made big motions doing it, and my dick would bounce all over the place. I'd stop and just answer her or ask a question leaving myself hard and exposed to her. So then I put the rag around my shaft and wiped it. I then put the rag on the bed. After that I noticed there was still precum on the head - so I held my dick at the base with one hand and with the other wiped off the precum, then I wiped my hand on the rag.
The doctor didn't seem disgusted by any of this so I stayed pretty calm. So I stood there - arms crossed, legs crossed at the ankles and no pants on leaning my butt against the bed. We talked quickly about diet and health and etc. So she then said that she would leave me a lone for a little while. At that I knew she knew what I wanted to do. So as she got up from her chair I began to slowly stroke my dick. She turned around and took something out of the cabinet. She walked toward me and put a bigger rag on the bed. Here are these if you need them - she said. Thanks, is all I could get out as I continued to play with my woody.
She got to the door and opened it - no one was outside and she said, I'll just lock this. I just said ok and gave it a few strokes before she left. I raised my tank top over my head and sat low in a chair, opened my legs a bit and went to town. I was at it not even a minute when all of a sudden a nurse walks in. I didn't know if she was checking in on me or what. I also assumed that the doctor maybe didn't lock the door on purpose and told this girl to go in.
I was too into it to stop. There were people walking around in the hall as well and I really couldn't tell if they saw me. Maybe it was a good thing I was sitting in that particular chair because next to it was a tray cart thing and there were several cups on it. I hoped the nurse would assume I was there for some sperm exam or something.
She asked in broken English if everything was ok and if I needed anything. I told her it was a bit cold - but in reality I was about to explode. I said to her, could you just get in here and close the door. She did and went to the thermostat, which was right near the door, and adjusted it. I couldn't hold back, I moaned slightly and made faces and shot everywhere, the first got on my face and then on my chest mostly. Maybe five or six powerful shots of my cum, all over me. I didn't care who was seeing at that point, I could have been doing it in the lobby for all I cared, because the feeling was awesome.
When I finally opened my eyes, I was alone it the room. The nurse must have slipped out. But when, did she see me shoot, did she open the door and did anyone else see? But then, by that curtain at the other end of the room, she emerged and had a towel in her hand. She came over to me and handed it to me. I said thank you. I wiped off my face and then my cock. I was still there with legs open, spent, on the chair. She reached the door and I got up, still a little wet and with half a woody. She asked if I needed anything else and I said no. She went to close the door and I was closing it behind her, but when she let go of the door and walked off, I opened it a bit, about half-way. I pulled my shirt back into its right position and wiped off a little more. I can see people walking by and certainly looking in at that point. Mostly medical staff it appeared. I wiped off cum from my hands and dick. I reached for my briefs and again looked out that door and looked right at people as they walked by, me still there bottomless and semi-hard.
I got dressed and it was over. I knew the tests were going to be given to my doctor, and paid my bill before the test. So all I did was walk out of the place. Completely lightheaded and feeling great.
The tests were fine and I was ok. That turned out to be an experience I will never forget, but I certainly have more to tell.



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