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'Do You Jack the Rabbit?' Never

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(most quotes in story paraphrased) Do not believe 99.5 per cent of the shy quiet guys when they say they do not 'jack the rabbit' and this is why...


There are two types of masturbators the ones that freely admit it and the ones that deny it.
I had an associate named Jesse this was between the years of when I was 11 and 17 until he moved to another state anyway by the time I was 12 I had started to masturbate. Nothing special about it, I had no special techniques, or specific fantasies and I never felt the need to rush home and do it. Every other day I felt like touching my penis so I did. Sometimes it was in the morning or in the shower and many times it was at night I'd massage my genitals until orgasm and then fall asleep and sometimes I'd do it absent mindedly. As I started to develop more I would do 'exploratory' masturbation mainly just looking at my growing pubic hairs, observing the size of my testicles, stretching my foreskin and etc. But when I was done I was done and did not give it much thought after the fact. Even after my first white cum I just cleaned it up and went on with my day.
Jesse was Mr. Girl Crazy and I was more quiet and reserved and an honor student while Jesse struggled in remedial classes. I suppose we were both considered nerds I was the bookworm type of nerd and he was the loud obnoxious type. It seemed as if he could not look at any girl between our age (14 around the time this story took place) and 25 and not make a comment such as 'I'd do her'.
Many times we got in fights because I'd just get tired of him speaking so much and normally what would happen is I would hurt his feelings, feel bad, apologize profusely and within a few hours he would be back to his old self. One Friday I was to spend the entire weekend at his house, it wasn't my plan on how to spend the weekend but it was going to happen. Anyway Jesse was really excited and kept saying 'I got the good stuff' and then he'd add a sinister laugh.
That night around ten when everybody in his house was retired to their rooms Jesse asked me if I was ready for 'the good stuff'. Knowing Jesse the way I did I should have guessed that 'the good stuff' for him would be a stack of old porn magazines from a dumpster. 'Can you beleive people throw this away' he said. I threatened to tell his mother and told him that I didnt want to look at the magazines, I even attempted to grab a picture from his hand and tear it to pieces. Then he put in a pornographic movie and it was on a really 'steamy' scene and for a few seconds I was in a trance until he put his arm on my shoulder and said something like 'I knew you'd like it'. I threw his arm off my shoulder and threatened very firmly that I would tell his mother. I could tell he was dissapointed but I did not care this time. 'Don't you ever jack the rabbit' I knew exactly what he meant and told him that I never did and didn't want to be friends with anyone that did. That being said there was nothing to do but go to bed. Jesse was angry with me called me an expletive and exited the room to sleep on the couch, anywhere but around me. By 1:00 when he didnt come back in the room I figured he wasn't coming back and I was not sleepy. I curiously peeked inside the magazines and when I picked one of them up the remote for his television fell out. I'm thinking should I watch some of that movie and eventually decided to watch some of the pornographic movie. At first I kept a close eye on the door and went to turn off the tape every time I heard a noise but then I got comfortable and stripped to my underwear with my penis exposed. As I was off in another world I heard Jesse 'please don't stop that is so hot' I was caught in the act, porno flickering and penis erect I could not deny what I was doing. I was so embarrassed and Jesse said to me 'this means your normal'. 'Now watch me' and I just stood there and watched him masturbate to orgasm and then seconds after, I did the same our semen fell onto the bare carpet. Jesse requested we do other things but I had post ejaculatory guilt and decided to go to sleep. The next night we did almost the same thing like we were performers in a play. Jesse was still sex crazed and I was still quiet but during our years together as friends we masturbated together at least 20 more times.



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