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Do I Measure Up?

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This is a story about something that happened after my last story.


This happened about two months or so after my first story, which was included in the heading. It started at Nick's house, in his bedroom. His bedroom is in the top of his house next to his two sister's room. One of his sisters had moved to college for her first year, and that left only one of his sisters at home.

It was about 11 P.M., and Nick and I were playing video games. We were also talking about school, girls, life, and one of our favorite subjects sex/masturbation. Now, as I said before we were quite open with each other when it comes to these kinds of things. We were talking about what girls we fancied, and eventually we got onto the topic of porn and the things we liked to watch.

This went on for about a half-an-hour until Nick said that he had to use the bathroom. I changed the game, and continued playing video games. After about 10 minutes I was curious about where he was, and stepped out of his room. The bathroom was just a few feet away from his room, and as soon as I stepped out the door to it opened. Nick came out and asked what I was up to. I told him, 'Just seeing if you were alright.' He said he was fine and we returned to his room.

We continued our talk where we left off, and I was getting a little horny. Somehow the conversation led to talk about dick sizes when he said, 'Yeah I bet mine is bigger than yours.' Of course, with the way boys and men are, I said, 'In your dreams.' I looked Nick in the eyes, and it suddenly felt like a competition.

We had a kind of joke argument, until I said, 'I guess we will never know.' He replied after a few seconds with, 'There's only one way to be sure. I was confused until he found a ruler and looked at me. He said that we could go to the bathroom and measure, then come back and report the results.

After agreeing that we would measure hard he left for the bathroom; ruler in hand. He returned with a grin on his face and a semi-hard on. he said a little more than five inches and handed me the ruler. Nervously, I looked at my crotch and headed off to the bathroom. Once I had done a little touching I was more than a little hard. I put the ruler at the base of my shaft and looked at the numbers. I was surprised to see that I had beaten Nick by almost an inch. I saw that my dick was barely over 6 inches.

I returned happy as a fiddle and told him what I saw. He didn't believe me, so I asked where he measured from. After a little arguing I said maybe we should just compare in front of each other. We had masturbated in the same room, but we had never looked directly at each others members. He agreed without much hesitation, and we pulled down our pants.

As we stared at one another's dicks for about a minute we started touching ourselves. It didn't take much to get either of us hard. I showed him where I measured from, and he said that was where he started from too, so I must be bigger than he was. We stepped really close to each other and I accidentally poked his leg with my dick. While close up it was easy to tell that mine was bigger by a little bit.

We didn't really know what to do after that so he suggested we masturbated. I was very happy with his suggestion and sat down on his bed to start. He sat next to me and started too. After a minute he asked if I had been touched by anyone else before. I answered honestly with no, and he said he hadn't either. We were both curious, so he asked if I wanted him to touch me. I said, 'Why not, we are already jacking off next to each other already.' He uneasily and slowly reached for my penis and grabbed it while still tugging himself.

Being touched by another hand was great and without asking he started stroking me. It felt so good that I didn't mind, and I asked if he wanted me to do him. He said,' If you want to, you can.' I figured I should return the favor and felt his dick for the first time. It was warm, and I started stroking, which made it even hotter.

He admitted that this is what he had been doing in the bathroom, so he might take a while to finish. I said that it was alright, and we agreed to finish each other. After about 13 minutes of stroking had said,'I think I'm going to cum!' I let go and he ended up stroking for four seconds and cumming just a few drops. I had a cum and facial fetish so this really pushed me close to the edge.

I told him about my facial fetish and he said,'I wonder what it's like to get one.' I looked at him and asked if he wanted to find out. With a simple 'sure' I was standing and he was on his knees in front of me. I shot my cum on his face and a little in his hair and he flinched a bit.

Once I had recovered he wiped his face off and he said that it wasn't much fun. We agreed that we were both straight and we did it only for the feeling, but we also agreed that we would have to do it again. We were both tired and went to bed shortly after.

I will write about more of our adventures, so look out for a sequel. I hope you enjoyed my story, and comments are welcomed.



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