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Do Black Kids Have Wieners?

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This deals with emerging sexuality among My friends and I before it got complicated before entering High School.


From Kindergarten up to the 7th grade I went to a small private school. It was in 2nd grade that I met the two people that would be my best friends for the rest of the time I attended the school, 'Mike' and 'Robert'. We considered ourselves the class clowns but most other students just did not get us or our jokes. The principal had named us the 'Brat Pack' and many of the other students had named us the 'Nerd Pack', because of this rejection we formed a very tight clique. Many times during recess we would often go into the restroom and have peeing contests seeing who could pee the most, the farthest and even the highest. We also would compare erections which we called 'Boners' and we would talk about who's wiener we had seen and what it looked like. For example a few kids who we saw that were uncircumcised we talked about how weird their private part looked because we were all circumcised and didn't know anything about being 'cut' or 'uncut'. When someone was going to come in we just got closer to the urinal and acted like we were peeing. In our 4th grade year a new student came to the school, 'Jim' was a skinny, bald headed, African American child. At the time he enrolled he was the only black kid in the school. During one of our restroom visits we began pondering the absurd question of if 'Jim's' wiener was also black and how it probably looked. After a week we still saw that 'Jim' hadn't made any friends so at recess that Friday we sought him out and began a quick friendship, at that recess 'Mike' said he was going to the restroom and we all followed. When we got in the restroom 'Jim' took a urinal and 'Mike' hoping to catch a view of 'Jim's' penis while he urinated took the one right next to him. 'Jim' stood very close to the urinal and made it impossible to see his penis. When 'Jim' was done 'Mike' asked the question 'Do black kid's have wieners? Why do you all stand so close to the toilet?' 'Mike' then offered to show how a boy should pee so he stood at least 3 feet away from the toilet and out of his erect penis squirted a small amount of urine that landed on the floor. 'Robert' and I followed doing the same thing, 'Robert' was erect also but he peed a nice fountain straight into the air and we all laughed then we asked 'Jim' to do the same as we had done but he said that he was finished peeing but we talked him into just showing us his penis. 'Jim' flashed us very quickly and 'Mike' told him to just take it out and let his wiener get some air so reluctantly at our urging 'Jim' pulled out his penis. It was circumcised and dark brown. We all gathered around 'Jim' and got a good look. We became curious about his 'balls' and he showed us a very dark skinned wrinkly scrotum after that he left the bathroom without saying anything and we were worried that he would tell on us. But the next week he joined us in our restroom activities and throughout the school year as well. He did not come back to school the following year for 5th grade but came back during 6th grade year. During lunch one day the four of us were sitting on the grass eating and I asked if his penis grew a lot and - I will never forget this - he rolled up the side of his shorts and pulled out his dark brown penis which had gained a lot of girth since 4th grade. He then urinated right there in the grass from his sitting position with his penis sticking out of the side of his shorts and we all laughed. 'Mike' got on both knees and pulled his penis out to urinate also but as soon as he did he got caught but luckily the teacher did not get him in any trouble he just said 'do that stuff in the bathroom' little did he know we already did.



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