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'Discovery' Posting (3/4) Researched Fee

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The posting 'Discovery' 3/4/03 went into the details of orgasm.
Very interesting, in my case I would say that the first few strokes begin to fill your body with pleasurable feelings that you don't want to stop, you must continue on as it feels better and better, there is the long period of warm tingling inner good feeling that fills your whole body as you stroke, as you speed up and slow down you try to maintain the highest level of the sex pleasure feeling for as long as possible, the better it feels, the more tense and rigid your body becomes, when it gets too intense you decrease the stroking and even stop for a few moments to get back to a level of control.
Then begin again and build up, repeating the process as often as possible, finally when you can't take it any more, you have to go all the way, you speed up the strokes and anticipate it more and more, yes, yes, you must come, you MUST get the feeling of coming,now you can't stop no matter what happens, you MUST COME NOW... you stroke faster...faster... YES..here it comes, oh yes, OH God, it's good, good... then the involuntary pulsing begins, the semen spurts out, the first shot is the strongest, shooting maybe six or eight inches high, your legs and back tense, your head goes backwards and your mouth opens wide and your eyes roll back and you moan or make a gasping, gagging sound, the second, third and fourth pulses decrease in intensity and less and less semen shoots out, the involuntary pulses continue, I have counted them a number of times and there are usually between 12 and 15 pulses total.
Your body then relaxes and you slow stroke to milk the final semen from you. Then it is just lying still for maybe four or five minutes, soaking in the decreasing waves of pleasure filling your mind and body. The whole process in my case takes as short as four minutes or as long as 40 or 45 minutes rarely. Average is about 6 or 8 minutes.
My experience is that overall in many cases it can be actually better than regular sex with a woman, basically because you have total control over the whole experience and can maximize the pleasure both in intensity and time. Of couse I really like getting laid but it is actually a different kind of sex altogether, and quite pleasurable in many different ways. I really like it both ways. I really enjoy sex. That is my experience, anyone else care to share?



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