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Discovery in the Pool: My First Cum

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I distinctly remember the first time I ejaculated while I was awake. It was the summer I turned fifteen, and we had moved to a new house that had a large pool in the back. One day, while everyone else was gone and I was home alone, I went out, pulled off my shorts, and stood naked in the sun for a second. It was the first time I had been completely naked outside (our other houses had not had privacy fences, and I knew it wasn't appropriate to be walking around naked outside. Side note-I was already an exhibitionist, though. Occasionally, I would purposefully leave the blind up in the bedroom at night, then come back to my room after my shower in just a towel, and pretend not to realize the blind was up. I'd drop the towel and dry off, making sure to face the window as much as possible. I'd show off my naked body to any neighbors or passer-bys who happened to be watching. I was average weight, moderately attractive (not gorgeous, but not ugly), circumcised with an average length penis, and brown pubic hair. Anyway, I'd take my time drying off, then I'd have to find clothes to put on and get dressed. I always kept it short, trying not to be obvious that I was showing off, but it was always exhilarating. I hope at least someone enjoyed the show, though I don't know if they ever did.

Anyway, on that warm sunny day, I went out, took my clothes off, and jumped in. It was wonderful to feel the cool water against my skin, no clothes, just free and unrestrained. It felt so good I got hard almost immediately. And so I swam naked for the first time, my penis sticking straight out, hard as a rock. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the water rushing past my erection-it was incredible. And then, without warning, it hit me. A feeling so intense I had to stop and grab my throbbing dick. I didn't know what was happening, so I just kept my eyes closed and enjoyed it. When it calmed down, I started swimming again, and before long, the same feeling hit me, my penis started throbbing again, and I look down to see a string of white floating, the end still oozing out of the tip of my penis. I watched as it grew with each throb, fascinated. And then it hit me what was happening. Though I had read about it, it had never happened while I was awake. I had had wet dreams, but never such incredible intensity as this. Of course, now, there was string of cum floating in the pool (if you have never tried it, jerk off in a pool some time and watch the cum-SO COOL!) Of course, I couldn't get it out, so I ended up just dispersing it.

I figured it wasn't really cool to be spewing cum into the pool water that my family swam in, so I didn't swim naked again for a while, until after I had had a wet dream, but it happened again. So, I stopped swimming naked for a little while. Very soon after that, I experienced my first hands on masturbation. My grandparents had a video camera, so I got a tape and videoed myself naked while the rest of the family was away. I had already realized I was gay, and had loved any chance to see another boy naked (and I had plenty of opportunities in showers at PE or at summer camp, I had just never learned how to do anything with the memory of what I had seen.) So, I videoed myself naked, and popped the tape in and watched myself on the TV screen. Without realizing what I was doing, I started rubbing my hard penis through my shorts. And then as I watched myself on TV and rubbed my dick through my shorts, it happened again. It was incredible. For some reason, I had never played with my penis before, and didn't realize what it could do. But cumming in the pool and then this, but I was suddenly hooked. I was masturbating every chance I got. Most often, I would think about classmates that I had seen naked in the showers, or friends that I would invite over to swim and get to see naked as we changed. (No one knew I was gay, and I went to a private school where I don't think anyone even thought about the possibility of gay classmates, so the other guys didn't seem to have any objection to getting naked in front of the other guys, and I had no objection to watching. I ended up seeing every guy in my class naked, and a lot of the guys in grades above and below me. Of course, some of them took work, making sure I was at the right place at the right time to catch them getting out of the shower. And, not being ashamed of my own body, I didn't mind giving equal opportunity to anyone who wanted to see me naked. I never found out about anyone else at school that was gay-it was not acceptable in the private school, but statistically speaking, I'm sure I wasn't the only one, so I'm sure someone was checking me out too. . .

Anyway, that same summer, I discovered the most incredible way to get off in the pool-the water jets! I would swim over and hold my hard penis in front of one of the water jets from the pool pump. If I didn't hold it, my penis would just dance in the shooting water, which did feel good, but when I was ready to get serious, I would hold it still, with the water shooting right onto the underside of my penis, right where the two sides curve up in the middle to the slit. (That's my favorite spot to rub. Some people do whole hand masturbation, circling their penis with their first and sliding up and down. My favorite is to just rub that spot and under it in a circular motion. Just a side note). I'd hold my penis there, letting the water shoot past, just enjoying it. Sometimes, I would pull away if I got too close, just so it would last longer. I had learned to have a plastic sandwich bag ready to catch everything. At the last second, right as I was ready to shoot, I'd pull back and stick my penis into the bag, holding the bag shut at the base, catching the sperm so it wouldn't all go into the pool. I'd then keep holding it while I swam with one hand to the steps where I would could take it off without losing any. I'd tie it up, leave it by the side, and swim naked for a bit, then go inside and dump it in the toilet. Try the water jets some time. They are incredible (personal jet tubs can work too, but the water pressure is a bit too high and not quite as comfortable.) I did that for years until we moved while I was in college. I still miss it, though I've never had the guts to try it in a public pool, even if no one else is around.



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