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Discovery at Age 14

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Memories of how I discoverd masturbation


This is in response to Innocent Toddler Discovery. I thought I'd tell my story. I did not masturbate since infancy like she did. At least, I can't remember doing it that early. But as a child I discovered that it felt good to stick my hands down my pants, and I did it constantly. I was so oblivious to the social taboos of doing this that I continued to do this through elementary school, doing this even in class. Kids snickered at me and made comments and teacher's gave me strange looks, but I didn't know why. What a rock head I was... LOL! Eventually in the seventh grade at age 13 I sort of figured that this was wrong. I stopped doing it in public, but still I had no idea about what I was doing. In fact, I had just discovered what sex was a year earlier, thanks to an explanation from my cousin. Let's face it...I was a naive kid. But even though I knew about sex, I was totally unaware that you could cause your own orgasm and release with your own hands, despite the fact that nature had been trying to teach me that very thing since I was four or five years old and perhaps earlier.

One day in the eighth grade, a friend up the street told me that this other kid (a nerd, like me) had told him that he had soaped up his penis and that it felt really weird and good at the same time. I wasn't sure if this actually had been the nerd's experiment or was actually my friend's experiment, but the idea fascinated me.

The very next day when my parents and sister were not at home, I decided that it was time for an experiment. We had a bathroom that had a full mirror over the sink that covered the entire wall and allowed you to see your reflection all the way down below your waist. The perfect laboratory for my experiment. Off went my pants and underwear, and soon I was soaping up my dick with warm soap and water. Wow! I had never felt anything like this! It was much better than just playing with yourself! Things began happening very quickly. I had an erection within a matter of seconds, and as had been reported it began to feel weird and good at the same time. My dick actually began to pulsate! It felt very strange but wonderful at the same time. Very soon I could feel something down at the base of my cock began to spasm and my knees went weak at the same instant. I had to grab onto the sink, which pushed my balls down onto the counter top as a result. That was all that was needed. I came by what seemed to be the bucketfull! All of this milky white stuff was coming out in ropes and spilling onto the countertop and into the sink.

As the last spasms died away, I collapsed. Years of early pubescent sexual tension had finally been released, leaving me exhausted and feeling like a dish rag. So, this was what it was like to come! A bright new discovery. I knew now why I had been sticking my hands down my pants all those years!

Obviously, my masterbation sessions continued. I knew that society frowned upon it, but I loved it! I know now, of course, that this was a natural thing to do...especially at that age. Soon, I developed a technique of lying on the floor face down with my hips raised off the floor and a towel pressed against my balls, and I would jerk off that way. I rememeber the first girl I fantasized about. A beaufiful girl from school named Holly. She was the first of many. Soon, I wanted to jerk off even when my family was home, so I had to transfer my technique from the bathroom to my bed where I jerked off each and every night. My mother must have known what I was doing because of all the semen stains on the bedsheets. She never said a word about it to me.

I did have a girl friend in high school, and we certainly masturbated each other although we never went any further. Unfortunately, she didn't really know how to give a hand job and I was too ashamed to admit that I could teach her! All I know is that she always came, and I never did. Oh well...fair trade anyway is I learned mountains of information from her about the female body.

My masturbation schedule continued every night (and any other time I could get some privacy) until I went into the service. You can hardly jerk off at night when there are a bunch of guys sleeping around you. I had to learn to do it on a toilet...the only bit of absolute privacy you get in the military. I finally experienced sexual intercourse and oral sex when I was posted to the Philippines. It's been often said that 'If you can't get laid in Subic Bay...you can't get laid anywhere!' Guess I was living proof of that, because that was where it happened. But what I enjoyed just as much were the massage parlours on Magsaysay Boulevard. Those Filipina girls most certainly could have taught my old girl friend from high school a trick or two. LOL!

When my enlistment was up, I got out of the military and eventually married. Life has gone on for me. But I still harken back to those early days as a 14-year-old discovering the pleasures of jerking off. Like most guys, I still do it to this day and do it every chance I get. Old habits die hard.



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