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While I'm a regular reader and practioner of masturbation, the majority of my personal experiences have been rather unremarkable. This particular event was groundbreaking for me, and thought it mainly comprises of fragmented memories and images I have used 'artistic licence' in order to take you there with me, and hopefully make it more of an enjoyable read.


Several weeks back I agreed to mind my friend Wendy's city apartment while she was away at a conference. It was almost like a holiday for

me, no 40 minute bus ride into work from the house I shared in the suburbs, nice modern furnishings and a view over the waterfront.

I'd been there a couple of days and needed to do some laundry after work. I tossed my clothes into the machine, noting that there were already a few items of Wendy's in the bottom. No big deal, I just sorted them from mine when they came out of the dryer. Having folded and put my stuff away I took Wendy's to her room and was initially going to just leave them on the bed, but since there were only a few things, decided to put them away for her.

Starting with her nightie I guessed she was similar to me and opened the bottom left draw of her bedside cabinet, but it was full, so I tried the next. Pulling open the drawer I saw a half folded magazine with pics of a naked guy on it. I wasn't surprised, every girl I know likes a bit of eye candy, so I reached in to take it out for a look, and then I was surprised. Underneath the magazine was a big flesh coloured rubber cock and balls with a suction base. It looked huge, about nine inches long and quite thick, certainly the biggest I had seen first hand. Curiosity got the better of me and I pulled it out for closer inspection.

The actual texture of it was quite soft and pliable, contrary to the solid rubber look, and the base had a compartment for batteries, though that was empty. Sitting on the edge of the bed playing with this thing was getting me quite aroused, then suddenly I creeped myself out with visions of Wendy using it, so I put it back in the draw on top of the lube I hadn't seen at first and went back down to the lounge taking the magazine with me.

I really should have left the damn thing where it was. The magazine was full of pics of tanned, very well hung guys, limp and erect, slick and wet, in and out of women and it wasn't long before I found my hand in my blouse playing with my nipples. As I became more aroused I felt my juices begin to flow so I slipped off my panties and reached under my skirt, gently rubbing my clit in a circular motion while I studied the pics. Lying there on the couch slipping my fingers along the wet slit of my pussy and fantasising about the guys in the mag I knew I just had to try it, so I went back to Wendy's room and got the dildo.

I was fairly quivering with anticipation when I sat it up right on the coffee table, it felt so firm and cock like as I spread the lube over the head and along the shaft. I felt like putting it in my mouth. I crouched on the edge of the couch and spread my legs wide ready to begin, but my skirt was too tight and I had to take it off. Holding the slippery shaft in both hands I slid the head of the dildo up between my swelling pussy lips, sliding back and forth along my slit, teasing my clit with it before pushing the tip into me. I gasped aloud when the cool rubber tried to force me open and could only manage to take a wee bit at first, but I kept probing and with the help of my juices and the lube managed to take the head completely into me before I clamped up with my first orgasm. Relaxing a bit after the spasm subsided I tried to continue, but the hunched position made my back uncomfortable so I tried sitting on the floor with my back against the couch. That was no good either because of the angle and my hands were too slippery to hold it properly. Horny and frustrated as hell I was about to give up and wondered how Wendy managed. That's when the obvious became apparent right in front of me!

Wetting the base with my tongue I pushed the suction cup hard down onto a corner of the coffee table. It sat there proud and erect like some kind of trophy, challenging me.

Applying some more lube to the head and between the swollen lips of my pussy I stepped forward and spread my legs wide to straddle the dong. It did feel awkward at first, but I was able to balance myself with my hands on my knees as I slowly lowered myself, moving my hips till the big rubber head found the target. With a sigh I lowered myself further, taking it easy as the first few inches slid into me before the pressure of it trying to force me open triggered a small orgasm. Breathing heavily I rolled my hips with a gentle bobbing motion, lifting and dropping further onto the shaft, eager to take more each time. Visions of the guys in the magazine filled my mind as I leant forward, using my hands to support myself on the arm of the sofa, imagining them fucking me.

Looking down my view was blocked by my blouse hanging in the way, so with a free hand I unbuttoned it and pulled my bra up to free my breasts. Between my swinging breasts I watched the glistening dong moving in and out of me as I pumped myself onto it. My ragged breath and wet noises filled my ears, my pace quickened and I felt the release rising within me. I cried out when it hit me, arching my back as I thrust down hard, my muscles clamping in rippling spasms along the shaft. Resting my head on my arms I waited for the final twitches to subside before reluctantly raising myself. I giggled self consciously at the loud slurping sound when I pulled free and collapsed on to the couch, a mix of my orgasm and lube trickling down my inner thigh.

Eventually I found the energy to clean up and go to bed. I slept in and was late for work the next morning. My pussy felt slightly tender for a day or so after, but I did have another nights fun before Wendy returned. I now have my own toy waiting patiently in my bedside drawer for the weekend when my housemate goes and stays with her boyfriend!



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