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Discovering Solo Pleasure

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Discovering Solo Pleasure
Here are two masturbation experiences I had in the past I started around the age of 13. I am 25 and still love doing it.
First time-
Well now my parents both worked the 2nd shift and left me money for dinner and etc. so most of the time I was home alone. So I was in the 7th grade and it was ok. Everyday me and my friends would talk about stupid stuff until one day my friend said he saw some dude jacking off in school and he got suspended. Anyways one day I went bowling with my girlfriend and didn't even bowl half the time we just made out haha.
Well I came home from school and started thinking about how one day me and her are going to go all the way. It gave me a nice hard-on which I said oh what the hell. I got naked and closed all the blinds over the house and ran around naked with my hard cock just hanging. I then lubed up my cock with coconut lotion. I began stroking my cock in my room alone. I was lying on my bed stroking slowly at first as all I could hear was the sound of my hand massaging the slimy cock. I kept on going and going for about a hour since it being my first time masturbating I was surprised. I was stroking harder and faster I then noticed that this was actually not really exciting. So I decided to spice it up a little bit. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a carrot. I started shoving it in my ass I continued stroking and shoving and boy was this exciting. I then cumed all over the floor, I didn't know what to do with the carrot so I threw it away. I cleaned up the mess and thought boy am I going to have a great school year.
Trying it with my cousin-
Now I was in High School and the one I went to was great, it was impossible to go through the day without getting at least one hard-on. I was a 15 y/o freshman and my cousin was 17 and a junior. She was like a best friend to me and she was hot about c-cup bra size. I won't put her real name we'll just call her Sally. Now she lived right across the street from the school and I would have to go there after school until someone would pic me up from there, which took forever haha. She would tell me just about everything and vice versa.
Well one day I went to her house with a huge hard-on. Luckily her mom wasn't home. I came in the house and she was eating in the kitchen. I went to her room to put down my stuff, I thought well this might be exciting so I closed her door and forgot to lock by accident in all the thoughts going through my head. I sat down on her bed and pulled down my pants to my ankels. I began stroking it slowly unaware of what was going to happen. I continued on and on for about ten minutes until it happened, my cousin walked in and was shocked. Yet she had this look on her face like she found it interesting.
"And what are YOU doing?" she asked. "What does it look like... geez!" I answered back nervously, she walked in and closed the door behind her.
"I always wondered what your's looked like." she replied, "Would you like to see mine?" she asked.
I thought this was a joke at first but then she started stripping for me. I removed my pants from my ankels and took of my shirt. I thought this is finally what I have been waiting for. She sat down in front of my and I started up again. She started fingering herself with the motion of my stroking. I was so excited as she moved a little closer to me. Then I started to stroke it a little faster as she played with her tits. I moved my left hand towards her wet, smooth, and beautiful pussy as she grabbed a hold of my cock. She stroked my very good. Faster and harder our motions went until I couldn't take anymore. I put one hand on her pussy and the other on her tit massaging and fingering. Our pace grew faster until I heard her orgasm right there in front of my. Then not very long after I cumed all over, my first shot landed on her right tit and the next two landed on her stomach. I gave her a towel that was on the floor. And we both got dressed.
After that we experimented with each other all through my high school year. I ate her out she sucked me off. We never fucked because we didn't want to take it that far. After I moved away she would still e-mail me and tell me about her mastuabtional experiences.
Welp thanx for reading these two stories hope you enjoyed them. If you would like to exchange stories e-mail me at I would like to hear from any of you guys or girls thanx.



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