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Discovering Sister's Panties

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I began enjoying my obsession for sniffing panties at 13 when I found my 12 y/o sister's panties tossed on her bedroom floor.


The first time I remember sniffing panties was when I was an early teen; 13 or 14. I had a sister who was about 18 months younger than me. She was just going through puberty and I believe she had just started having her period.
During dinner one evening my sister said she wasn't feeling so well and went to her room to change into her PJ's and bathrobe. Later I went to my bedroom and glanced into my sister's bedroom, there on the floor were her panties next to her jeans and shirt that she had just thrown in a pile. Everyone was downstairs at this point and for some reason I was really curious about her panties.
It was around that time that my sister starting wearing bikini panties and switched from the 'little girl' briefs. I think it was the first time I had ever seen these new style panties of hers and I decided to get a closer look. They were lying on the floor with the gusset facing up. They were white satin with lace and I could see something on the crotch; it looked like a thick creamy substance.
I took the panties in my trembling hands; by now my cock was hard as rock and straining against my briefs. I had never seen this substance before and I remember talking to my buddies at school about a 'girl's cream', so I figured this is what it must be. I put my finger into it. It felt sticky and cool to the touch. The stain was in a thin line along the crotch and I figured it must be where my sister's snatch had been. Then I put my nose to it. It was a very different scent; nothing like I had smelled before.
I had no experience at all with girls sexually, so this was totally new discovery for me. I had read lots of Penthouse forum letters from the magazines I had found in my Dad's sock drawer and many of the letters talked about the great scent and taste of aroused pussy. So this, I thought, is what a girl's pussy smells like. I continued to touch and explore my sister's cream occasionally putting my nose to it. I was hard and rubbing myself through my jeans. Scared that I might get caught and wanting to get off so badly, I put the panties back the way I found them, and went for the privacy of the bathroom.
I quickly undid my jeans and pulled them along with my briefs to my knees. It only took three or four good strokes of my foreskin before my semen began to shoot into the bathroom sink. I remember it being an incredible orgasm; making my knees weak. My face was extremely flushed and I was trembling all over. It took a few minutes before I regained enough composure and rejoin my family in the family room.
From that evening on I would frequent the dirty laundry hamper in search of my sister's dirty panties. All were bikinis and I found it interesting how the stains and scents my sister left in them varied from day to day and week to week. Sometimes I would find her 'cream' either moist or dried in the cotton material. Sometimes there was no stain; just the scent of urine. Sometimes I would get a slight 'fishy' scent and would relate it to what my friends would say about how a girl smells down there.
It wasn't until later in life how I discovered a woman's vaginal secretions depends on where she is in her menstrual cycle. Looking back on the evening of my first panty experience I suspect my sister was ovulating that day. Her secretion was clear and 'egg-white like' something my girlfriend explained to me when I was 18.
This is the first in a group of experiences about my adventures with panties that I intend to submit to the site.



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