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Discovering My Cousin's Panties

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Yet another story involving a relative's underwear. I'm glad though, that I'm not alone.


So, I have this cousin around my age who recently came to Canada from the Philippines to work as a live-in caregiver for an elderly couple and lives with me when she's off, for the time being. I was cool with it, we get along alright and she promised not to get in the way and help around whenever she can. Well, I'm alone, but have a long distance girlfriend, she too is now in a long distance relationship now that she moved.

Anyway, the room where she's staying in now was previously used to store my extra things in. She works throughout the whole week and comes back on weekends, so the first week she started working, I decided to get some of my things out from her room which I still hadn't moved out yet. While I was there, I noticed a pair of jeans hanging right outside the closet where I was going in which had a strong hint of her nice perfume. I like that particular perfume so I decided to take a closer whiff. I sniffed near the crotch but the scent was unusual. I liked it. It was a mix of the perfume and what I can only image was a very faint hint of her pussy. At this point I was both turned-on but sort of guilty since this was my cousin after all, but I was more turned on than anything else.

Later in the day, I was thinking about that nice scent. I go back in the room and take the jeans down and start sniffing again, this time I started getting erect. I hated myself for doing this; it was disgusting yet I couldn't stop sniffing. I started touching myself and knew then and there that this was turning me on. But I wanted more. I then noticed her laundry basket and figured her panties would have more of that wonderful aroma. I put the jeans back and without thinking I decided to raid it like a hungry dog. I found three pairs of her soiled underwear. I took all of them back to my room lay on my bed and went through them one by one. I decided to put one in my mouth, inside-out with the crotch stain on my tongue. Another one I put on my face with a really nasty stain on the crotch, on my nose, the mix of the perfume and her smelly discharge was so intoxicating. Finally, a relatively clean one was wrapped around my cock for stroking. Let me tell you the next few minutes were awesome; stroking, sniffing, licking and the guilt of this because it was my cousin all at once was ecstatic. I finally let out a load moan after some rapid stroking as I jizzed all over my belly. I decided not to use her panties to clean up the mess and opted for the box of tissues. I quickly returned the panties to her room and continued on the rest of the day.

When the weekend came and she returned after a week of work, I was so worried I wouldn't be able to face her, but it was alright. I was able to face her and have a normal conversation with her, and because of this I knew I would be able do this again. Now I do it almost two or three times a week. I wank to her undies more than I do to my long distance girlfriend. I'm a bad cousin, but I can't help it. Not sure how long she'll live with me, but I will continue doing this until she finds her own place.



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