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Discovering His Sexuality

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All the names in this story have been changed to protect the identities of the people concerned.


When I was 13 years old, I was an early developer. I had an older brother, Mark, who had taught me all about sex when I was younger. It was also around this age when I started to realize that I am gay. I began having wet dreams about other boys and fantasizing about them. But I never imagined any of my friends shared my urges. Let's start out with a little background. Kellen was my best friend. He is tall and slim with light blonde hair in a surfer cut and just a few freckles. He has green gray eyes and a smooth slender jaw and perfectly sculpted muscles. When we were younger, he would come sleep over about three nights a week. We were incredibly close, and we almost never went anywhere without each other.

One night he was sleeping over at my house and it was probably 10 at night. My parents had gone to sleep and we were sitting on my bed in our boxers talking. Eventually it was obvious to me that he was aroused (I could see his boner through the fabric of his boxers) and I was about to mention it when he noticed me loooking at it.

He broke down and cried. 'Jack,' he said, 'I don't know who I am! I think I like guys. When I'm around you I always want to touch you, to have you touch me.'

I knew how much courage it took him to admit something like that, and I had been trying to work up the courage to admit it too. 'Kellen,' I said, 'I know just how you feel. I think I am in love with you.'

If we weren't thirteen year old boys, this would have been a really tender moment. Since we were thirteen year old boys, he awkwardly muttered something about loving me too and blushed. I told him that if he wanted to see my dick, I would let him, but only if he showed me his. He said ok, and I pulled mine out. As I said, I started puberty early, so at thirteen, I already had a good bush of pubic hair and a six inch dick, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw next. As he stepped out of his green checkered boxers and let them drop to the ground, he revealed a seven inch uncut cock with a beautiful mushroom head.

I, being a young, horny gay guy, immediately wanted to touch it and told him so. He said ok, and I began slowly stroking up and down. His precum began to drip out slowly after a few minutes of this, and he told me to take it slow. I had never heard of trying to let an orgasm wait, and was intrigued. He told me to swirl the precum around on the head and focus on holding his shaft tighter. Eager to impress, I did what he asked. In about thirty minutes, he came, shooting a rope of cum a few inches above his dick and landing on his abs. I dipped a finger in and tasted his warm, sticky, sweet cum. 'Ok,' I said, 'Do me now!!'

He suggested we go to the shower. He said this might get messy. We went into the bathroom and he locked the door. He instructed me to lay down on the shower floor and he began. He turned on the water at a warm temperature and began to massage my stomach. He tweaked and licked my nipples, leaned in and kissed me, and began to caress my thighs. He rubbed my crotch area, and began to feel up my penis. In no time at all, I experienced the most powerful orgasm of my life.

A year later, we began publically dating, and we are still happily together. No doubt I don't need to say we have done much more since then.



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