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Discovering a Mutual Pastime

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I had discovered masterbation when I was about 10 or 11. At the time I only knew it felt good when I rubbed myself against the mattress. As time progressed, I found my father's supply of skin magazines and even a paperback book with a very erotic story. I spent many private moments when I was home alone rubbing my young cock against the mattress as I read. Then came the day that I had my first dry orgasm. It scared the hell out of me since I thought I was about to piss the bed. After I realized what it was, I realized how good it could really feel rubbing my cock. I couldn't get enough of it. I always kept this discovery to myself.

As I got older, I'd spend a lot of time one of my friend's house. Dan was the same age as me and we shared a number of interests. His parents were a bit lax on keeping tabs on us, so we would spend a lot of time out wandering the woods and the neighborhood together coming back well after dark with little said to us. One night after we had came in, we discovered his parents were in bed, so we settled down in his room with the TV on. After a bit he asked if I wanted to see some skin mags that his brother had left behind when he went off to college. I said sure and he went and brought a few back. We chatted as we each looked at a magazine, making comments on this woman or that. After a while I had an erection that was screaming for attention. I was on a sleeping bag on the floor next to his bed. I nonchalantly layed on my stomach propped up on my elbows slowly rubbing myself against the floor. I figured Dan was pretty involved with his magazine so he wouldn't notice. Wrong! Dan suddenly says 'Hey, what are you doing down there, humping the floor?'. I figured I was busted so I just said that it felt good and asked if he ever did anything similar. He admitted that he liked to play with himself. After that we were a little more open with Dan laying on his side, his shorts pulled down fondling his cock and reading the magazine. I was systematically humping my hand on the floor. I finally blew my load in my hand. I cleaned up with some tissue he had nearby. He was still slowly pulling on himself as we chatted away. I then asked if I could do that for him. I was still horny as hell. He was a little unsure at first but he said 'Sure, go ahead'. I reached up and started stroking him slowly. He was apparently close because within a minute he blew his load in my hand.

After cleaing up, we talked about the experience. I told him I didn't feel queer or anything, just horny as hell and I needed a way of satisfying myself. Watching him just made me hornier. After that night, whenever we'd get together and were horny, we would masterbate each other in different ways. Sometimes one of us would lay down on the other and rub our cocks together until we both creamed on our stomachs. Sometimes we would lay down on the other's butt and rub our cocks in the crack of the ass until we blew our load on the others back. Through all of this, we always considered ourselves straight and just wished for the day whe we could finally satisfy our lust on a female. We never had anal sex though we did discuss it one night and decided to just stick with masterbating each other. We had our mutual masterbation sessions over a period of several years, even after he went off to another high school. I believe our last session was when we were juniors in high school. At that point he had a girl friend he was screwing as often as he could. He'd tell me about what he did with her while we'd masterbate together. Soon we started moving farther apart in our senior year as I also had a girlfriend and had been having regular sex with her. We lost touch over the years but finally ran across each other in cyberspace. We never really talked about our youthful experiences together, though I thought about it when we'd talk on the phone. Just another one of life's adventures growing up.



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