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Discovered and Enjoyed My First Orgasm

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Surprised by my first cum and I will never forget what such a wonderful experience it was.


When I was thirteen years old I was always very curious and the way that I found out about masturbation was wonderful. In my mind there is nothing better than your first orgasm and ejaculation, to this day I still wish I could go back and forget about what an orgasm felt like, the tenseness, the tingling in the testicles, and point of extreme pleasure followed by the strings of warm milky goodness, so I can feel and see it for the first time again. I will never forget my first orgasm and ejaculation...

A whole new world opened up for me one Saturday afternoon on a nice fall day, I was in my room sitting on my floor reading a book called the visual dictionary and I came up on the sexual reproductive system, this was before the internet was widely used so you could say I was very limited in my sexual education. Reading the section it said that '...a male inserts his erect penis into the female's vagina and then when the male is ready to release sperm, millions pass thru the penis and into the female...' I'm not really sure what it was about that statement but it got me very aroused. Then I began to wonder what it felt like to be inside a female. I still had no clue about orgasm; I just thought that as soon as he inserts his penis into the girl he starts slowly releasing sperm then after a while when he gets tired he just quits. I thought that was it, but I still wanted to know what it felt like.

As if not knowing about orgasm wasn't enough, nor did I think I could make myself feel good with my hand by lightly gripping and playing with the erection. Since I was still very new to these concepts I thought somehow the penis knows it is a vagina, so I decided that I had to find something to mimic one. I still believe this was the best way to find out, this might sound kinky, but I decided I would put my penis into a stuffed animal. The one I chose was priceless the stuffing inside was silky smooth. I cut a slit between the legs of the stuffed animal and tried to slide my erection into the slit. First attempt was a complete failure the slit was too small and the stuff was blocking my progress. After a while of fidgeting around I tried to slide in again, this time I had success. I slid all the way in; the bottom of the stuffed animal was resting on my thin and sparse pubic mound. My penis was completely engulfed and cuddled, at this positioned myself sitting up with my back against my bed, with my legs spread slightly. I discovered that it felt good to move the stuffed animal around; at this point I rolled my head back and closed my eyes while the stuffed animal was satisfying the longing hunger that my penis was craving. I thought that this good feeling meant that I was releasing my sperm so I every so often I slowly slit out to check and see, each time was of course a no.

After the third time I slid out, to nothing, I thought maybe I can't release sperm and I guess I needed a female. I quickly said oh well and slid back in since it felt very good and just decided to stay deep inside, I very quickly went back to closing my eyes and just enjoying the moment. Words can barely describe what I felt, the best I can do is; it felt like being lightly tickled all over. I was really enjoying what was going as I was learning more about sex and self pleasure. Little did I know I was minutes away from my first orgasm, and I was enjoying every minute of it. When the moment arrived it took me by surprise I had no idea it was even coming but the pleasure itself was too great and felt so wonderful, miles away from anything I have experienced before. My body tensed up as I felt my erected penis get even harder, since I was completely and utterly surprised and in a state of such extreme pleasure without even thinking about what was going on, I quickly slid the stuffed animal off my penis, I have never even heard about the word orgasm more or less seen myself or another person cum to complete enjoyment. As I looked down at my penis it started twitching and ohhh did each twitch feel wonderful. On the third twitch I could hear myself lightly blissfully moaning as a pearly white substance came shooting out of my penis landing on my chest and stomach, three more strands followed each feeling just as good as the first.

I began to collect my thoughts and figure out what had just happened and began to fully understand sex as I looked down to see what came out of my penis. Slowly gliding its way back down to my penis and seeping around it to trip onto the carpet, I did not rush to clean it up since I am fully relaxed after my first orgasm that was truly worth it as a first experience.



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