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Disappointment With Red Headed Friend

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This is a True Story, as well as I can remember it.


I started masturbating when I was in my early teens, if what others tell me is true. Once I learned the deed, I was always playing with myself-in my bed, in the tub, on the John, wherever.

During my teen years (about age thirteen to fifteen) my parents kept a cabin cruiser at a slip on a lake off Lake Michigan. Mom and us kids (me, older bro, younger sis) lived on it all summer. Dad commuted out on weekends and we'd take short trips.

There were a few others who did the same, including this redhead about my age that I hung out with. One day he started talking about sex. Apparently he and a friend had beat off together and had some other sexual adventures. He expressed admiration for the amount of semen this other kid could produce. 'cc's of it,' he said.

I had learned to edge by then, and knew I could control my orgasm to the point where my urethra would just sort of open up like a faucet and my prostate (if I'd known what that was then) would just push out a steady stream of cum. Naturally, I bragged about it to him.

He was fascinated, and really wanted to see me do it. I was pretty proud of my ability, and so we made it a project to find some stimulating literature and have a wank together.

That was no easy task in Christian Reformed Michigan in the 50s. They didn't have porn shops and even Playboy was kept out of sight from young eyes. We finally settled on a figure-drawing book.

When all our families had left for some activity or other, we shut ourselves in the forward cabin of our boat, dropped our drawers, and started masturbating.

I was fascinated by my first sight of another boy's erect penis, and how he stroked it. His pubic hair was a bit darker than the sun-bleached red on his head. After we'd been whacking our penises for a while he asked if I'd like to 'hold dicks.'

I had been thinking the same thing, and found myself for the first time with another boy's erect penis in my hand, while his hand squeezed mine.

His penis was wet. I do not get much pre-cum, so I didn't know that was what it was at the time. I thought he had already come, and said so.

I think we were both embarrassed, and I let go of his penis.

Nevertheless, I was so excited that I could not control myself, and in my attempts to keep from coming too soon, spoiled the experience, and only dribbled a little.

We never repeated the experience. Looking back, I sure wish we had. Having a JO buddy would have made those summers much less boring.



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