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Dirty Girl

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I'm slightly dirty when it comes to masturbation, so I appreciate this might be a bit unconventional. I started routinely pleasuring myself in my teens, usually in the bath and in bed before I went to sleep but gradually found that I'm always really horny for a couple of days before my period. It's like all of my senses are heightened, especially down there, which leaves me moist all day. Normally, my clit only gets tender when I'm thinking dirty or if I've been casually stroking it for a bit but, at that time of the month, it always seems ready to go.

I found this particularly when I was in school and would get hot and bothered just walking home, feeling a buzz between my legs with each step, so I'd take the opportunity to have a quick cum before my mom got home. This is where I think I got my fetish from, as I've always been a bit shy about using public bathrooms for certain things and would usually hold it until I got back in. This led to a routine of dashing in to the upstairs bathroom to relieve myself before quickly rubbing one out, relieving myself in every sense of the word! The advantage of this was privacy as, when my mom got home, it just looked like I was using the bathroom and I didn't have to worry about her walking in, trying not to look too flushed when I went downstairs.

This became such a habit that I started routinely doing it every day when I got back home and began to associate the bathroom with pleasuring myself, along with that feeling of needing to go. There'd be a rush of anticipation because I'd know what I was going to do when I was there. Soon, I found that I'd be aroused from the moment I sat down and would start touching my clit while I took care of business. The dirtiness and obscenity of it all, along with the fact I was already worked up would send me over the edge and I'd have incredible orgasms just sitting there furiously working my clit.

I realised this was abnormal and not something I could tell anyone about but, to be honest, that turned me on even more. At the weekends, when I was supposed to be doing my homework, I would sit in the spare room with my hand in my knickers telling myself in my head how obscene and obsessed I was with pleasuring myself and how, if I kept going, I would make myself come. This had the desired effect and I just couldn't stop doing it.

One of the things I started to do was hold it in, to try not to either touch myself or go to the loo for as long as I could, as I knew that this would lead me astray. I told myself that this was because it was wrong and I shouldn't do it but I think the truth was that the gradual build up of needing both and the association would make me literally explode when I finally gave in.

Around the same kind of time, I started to wonder if I was also bisexual, as I began to think about my best friend when I touched myself. I started to wonder whether she did too and would fantasise about doing it with her, just sitting there watching her get off. One day, I was due to meet her at the mall but she texted while I was waiting to say she was running a bit late. I needed the toilet, so I bit the bullet and decided to use the ones in the mall. I found a cubicle, locked the door and pulled my knickers down. Mistake. This is terrible, but I found I was aroused, just sat there in a public toilet with my knickers around my ankles. My finger was already on my clit when I heard somebody enter the cubicle next to me.

I heard some toilet sounds and the rustling of somebody opening a pad or tampon. I then heard a muffled groan and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck as I realised this girl was masturbating to push the tampon inside herself. I couldn't take it any longer and came loudly as I realised that yes, this was turning me on. The girl must have heard me because, as I sat there, composing myself, I heard her work her way towards a very quiet orgasm.

I finally got up, washed my hands and waited outside the toilet, so that I could see who it was when she came out whilst looking like I was just waiting. To my surprise the door opened and there was my friend, looking as astonished to see me as I was to see her. She tried to appear relaxed and I hugged her and whispered that I knew what she'd been doing. She tensed up but I could also see a lustful look in her eye. Without thinking about it I kissed her and we've been lovers ever since. As far as my parents are concerned we're just friends but we lie in bed pleasuring each other in the most obscene ways imaginable and yep, things are pretty good, filthy but nice! x



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