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Dilemma at the Doctor's

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My wife and I were having problems having kids. After a few tests it was decided that the cause of this was due to my testicles overheating and thus affecting sperm production. (The experts were actually wrong-the problem was due to some medication I was on, we changed the medication and now two kids later....)

After a small operation to fix the original 'problem', I had to go back to the hospital to see if things were how they should be.

Normally this meant a four step process.

1. Be given a sterilized container

2. Take it into a bathroom stall

3. Masturbate into the container

4. Sheepishly hand it back in.

I had followed this process 7 or 8 times and thought it would be no different this time. I was wrong.

After announcing my arrival I was told to change into a gown, and told I could keep only my socks on. After doing this I was told to stay in my cubical and to remain standing.

I knew by this point that my testicles were probably going to be examined, but the standing part puzzled me, so I asked at the desk why? They basically told me that if I stayed on my feet then gravity would work its magic and cause my testicles to remain loose, and make it easier for the Doctor to get an accurate reading.

This had me slightly worried. Every time I had given a sperm sample in the past I had restrained myself from ejaculating for at least a week. The reason for this might seem petty, but having an office full of (mostly) women knowing you were there to masturbate was quite intimidating (and yes-arousing too), so I thought that if I could give them a sizeable quantity of cum, then I would save face somehow!

With my testicles longing to be milked, I knew I could be in a bit of trouble during the exam I quickly put the thought out of my head.

I was shown into the hospital room where I was to be examined. A male Doctor in his mid twenties was going to examine me while his quite pretty female assistant would follow the progress on her computer.

The examination began.

After opening my gown at the front, I still had the illusion that I was still dressed. In reality though, 'everything' was right there out in the open. The assistant was very professional. Although she was sat side on to me about four feet away she never glanced over once. The Doctor however sat directly in front of me gazed at my genitals from about a foot away, and then started the exam. He first of all took a medical instrument that looked like a smaller version of an old microphone that was attached to the computer, and covered the rounded end bit in that gel they use for ultrasounds. He then took hold of my testicles from the rear for stability, and proceeded to slowly move the instrument around my scrotum.

You can probably guess what happened next. The feel of my testicles getting slowly caressed, while the ultrasound goo slowly oozed its way everywhere, began to have an effect....

I tried to think of baby names, baseball stadium names, cleaning the garage, anything! But I was slowly becoming aware that I was getting firmer. This caused things to spiral out of control. My testicles became tighter-being fooled into thinking that their liberation was at hand. The Doctor began to gently pull down on them to try and get them to loosen up. Things were going wrong! Suddenly after one gentle tug too many I felt my foreskin slip over the head of my penis. I was fully erect.

'I'm finding it quite difficult to get a reading' he told me 'Would you like to come back another time, or would you like to halt the exam for a few minutes to see if you can get your scrotum to relax?'

I had driven an hour to get there and I really didn't want to come back again, so that option was out.

'Sorry about that,' I replied 'it's just that I thought I would be giving a sample today' I said by way of explanation. 'I'll try my best'.

There was a tiny curtained off area in the corner of the room. The curtain hung from the ceiling to about knee high. The Doctor told me to go there and see what I could do.

Behind the curtain there was a pile of hospital white hand towels on a shelf, a sink, a canvas laundry bag, and an office chair. I went behind the curtain and looked at myself in the mirror mortified!

I was of course hugely turned on, but also very embarrassed. What must they think!

Anyway, for about a minute I tried everything I could to calm down, it didn't work.

I glanced at the mirror then and I realised what I was about to do.

I quietly slipped out of the gown and put it on the shelf. Then finally, finally, finally, I allowed myself to begin. I first of all took hold of my testicles and spread the gel up onto my penis. I watched myself in the mirror caress the goo into every fold of my foreskin, onto the head, and then back down my shaft again. There was no way on earth that I could stop now.

With the blood rushing in my ears, and all the fear, embarrassment, and lust coursing through me I began to get into my rhythm...

Apart from the air conditioning and the quiet hum of the computer, the room was silent. Because of this I'm quite sure that they both heard the three or four squeaks of friction from my hand, penis and gel. This turned me on even more.

As I felt the orgasm begin its journey though my loins, I took a towel off the shelf, and held it in position to catch my cum. I suddenly realised that I was visable below the knees under the curtain and was probably being watched. This turned me on even more of course as I curled up my toes as the orgasm swept through me.

I tried my best to be silent, but it wasn't to be. As the first convulsion hit I gave a sharp intake of breath followed by a very audible sigh.

I managed to catch all of my cum in the towel thankfully, and after giving my penis a quick wipe I placed the towel in the hamper, put my gown on and went back out....

The good bits afterwards, were that my scrotum was positively saggy, we have two kids, and I have a fantastic masturbation memory. (not in that order of course!)

The bad bits were that I went bright red whilst apologising even though the Doctor told me he would have probably done the same, the assistant looking at my spent genitals and giving a little smirk, and the fact that I spent the rest of the exam dripping post cum on the floor.

The positives outweigh the negatives in my book.



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