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Dilek Does It Too

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My shy cousin surprises me.


The other day I was downloading stuff from the internet while I was studying for exams in my room and I couldn't help noticing that the connection was slower than usual. In fact, it had slowed down a lot after my cousin, Dilek, came home from work and went to her room, which is next to mine. She is the daughter of my Mum's older brother and her family is incredibly strict. Her brothers are scary, but fortunately they live a long way away. Anyway, she is a quiet and dull girl, skinny but I think she has good breasts.

Being the computer savvy one at home, I checked out the router and found that I wasn´t the only one using bandwidth. I did wonder exactly what Dilek would be doing at her computer, but went on to read more stuff and type up my notes.

It has become my daily routine to check the router and sure enough, there is a lot more traffic when Dilek comes home and sits in her room. Took her a long time before opening the door when I knocked on her door to ask if she had seen my USB key lying about somewhere, a pretty feeble excuse I came up with on the spur of the moment. I think I did hear her unlock the door before opening it and lock it again once I´d left. She didn´t look to be up to anything much, though, apparently reading a Murakami novel. Oh well, I did notice that the green light on her webcam was lit.

She leaves her door unlocked when she is out, of course. It didn´t take long to tweak the webcam settings and router to open access on the WLAN. After that I went back to my room to wait for her to come home from work. I didn´t hear her door lock but it didn´t take long for her to appear on the cam. She was smiling more than I had seen her do in a long time and she typed away quickly on the keyboard and then sat back to wait for the reply. She was chatting with someone.

A boyfriend? I didn´t know she had one. Looked to me like she was in an anonymous chatroom and not for the first time. After shaking her head a few times but still smiling, she stood up and slowly took her blouse off. Her breasts were smaller than I had thought - she used some special kind of bra - but her nipples were sticking out.

It was hard to believe that this was my boring cousin. Surely she wouldn´t be getting more clothes off? I was shocked. Her parents would be livid. Still, she looked good. Her jeans were coming off, frilly knickers underneath, broader hips than I´d guessed. Why hadn´t I set up a video capture on this? Hot!

I couldn´t believe my eyes when she leaned back on the chair and pulled her knickers right off, showing a neatly trimmed bush. My heart hammered away. She opened her legs and I got a good look at her tight slit. This was when she put her hand down and started to feel herself, slowly at first and then really quickly. I thought girls took a long time to come, but she must have been building up to this all day at work for it was only a couple of minutes before her face flushed and her rubbing became unsteady.

She looked great. Then she reached up and switched the webcam off.

Have to admit I was turned on by this unknown cousin of mine. Over the next days I didn´t get much reading done but I jerked off again and again, counting the minutes until she came back from work each day.

She has been behaving strangely these last couple of days, I've noticed her looking at me when nobody notices. Also, she hasn´t had the camera on. Still, I´ve printed out some images from the cam and I spend a lot of time lying on my bed and enjoying the snaps of her snatch and her keen fingers.

I found a folded sheet of paper under my pillow tonight. At first I thought it might be a letter, but it was a B&W laser printout of a guy playing with his dick. The surroundings seemed chillingly familiar. It was me, of course, lying on this bed with a picture of my cousin masturbating. Well, fortunately the picture was too grainy for anyone to tell what exactly I had been looking at. That is really fortunate as her dad would certainly go ballistic if he knew. I checked my PC and yes, the webcam had been set up to be open to the home network and somebody had taken great care to set it to 'always on' and even painted dots of black glossy paint over the diodes on the webcam. Strangely enough she hasn´t changed the settings on her own webcam, though apparently she understands how to do it.



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