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Didn't Know What I've Been Missing

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Its my first year at school and I've been fortunate enough to live with my best friend Sandy. She and I have known each other for a long time and are very close. I'm also very appreciative of this site because it has given me plenty of material to masturbate to; Sandy feels the same way.

Anyway, for my story.

Sandy and I have masturbated in each other's presence before, but it was never really so that one could get off from watching the other. It was always much more casual. Sandy has a boyfriend, Rob, who she has sex with quite regularly, although I don't get the privilege of watching that. Anyway, Rob and a few of his friends came over to our dorm room one afternoon and Sandy asked me if I had somewhere else to be. 'Why, are you gonna have sex?' I asked. 'Cause don't all of the guys need to leave too?' 'No,' Sandy replied, 'we're gonna do something else. You can stay if you want, but I don't know if you'll have a good time.' 'What're you gonna do?' I replied. 'I'm gonna get a cum bath.' Sandy said. This was a shock to me. I didn't know what a cum bath was really, outside of the obvious definition of the phrase. I said I would stay because I was so cuious that it had gotten me all wet. So Sandy popped a porno into the dvd player and the four guys all pulled their pants down and began to masturbate. This was a real turn on for me, sitting at my desk with four guys sitting around my tv, jerking off. Sandy took off all of her clothes and laid down on the floor in front of them and began to masturbate the way she always does, using two fingers to hold her lips open while her other hand alternates between rubbing her clit and dipping her fingers inside. I'll admit, watching her had me too horny to restrain myself so I sat in the back of the room and rubbed myself on the inside of jeans. It was so hot, the six of us touching ourselves. I had heard of circle jerks before, but never thought they were real, let alone that I'd be involved in one.

Well, after about five minutes, the first guy let out a moan and said he was going to cum. Sandy said 'Titties,' and he moaned and blew his wad on her breasts. The cum was so hot, and there was so much of it, gob after gob shot out of the guy's dick. I was very turned on at this point and close to coming. All of the guy's dicks looked so good, so big and hard. Rob didn't have the biggest one, but his balls were bigger than the others. Soon the second guy said he was going to cum and Sandy told him to cum on her stomach. He groaned and let out his load, which was bigger than the first wad, all over Sandy's stomach. I could see now why she called it a cum bath, after two guys were finished she was already swimming in cum. The third guy had the biggest penis and he said he was about to spew and Sandy got up on her knees and bent over, shoving her ass toward the guy and said 'asshole'. Then the guy moaned and launched his cum all over Sandy's ass. There was SO MUCH! It covered half of her ass, and there was a big line of it that dribbled down her ass crack and pussy. I was so wet. I kept rubbing my clit back and forth with my hand, and I could feel my orgasm building up.

Finally, Rob let out a sigh and said, 'Here it comes, baby!' and Sandy crawled toward him and grabbed his dick. She started jacking him and soon his wad shot out all over her face. Cum drizzled down her cheeks, into her mouth, and hung off her chin. Sandy was all smiles and kept finger-fucking her cunt until she came with all of that cum all over her body. Seeing her come sent me over the edge and I let out a heavy moan as I came with her. It was THE best orgasm of my life.

Afterwards, Sandy stood up and told the guys to leave, as she was headed for the shower. I just sat in my chair as the four guys left. Sandy looked at me after they left and said, 'So Kel, did you like that?' 'Yeah,' I replied, 'I came so hard, it was great.' She stood there for a minute and used her finger to get some of the cum off of her face and out of her ass. She tasted it and then licked it off of her finger. 'Mmm.. that's good,' she said, 'You wanna take a bath with me next time?' I said no, but said I would be happy to watch and jill while she took another one. Since then, Sandy has taken two more baths and she's started letting me watch her and Rob fuck. I hope I find a boyfriend soon so we can have an orgy in our dorm room. College is so great.



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