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Did Someone Say Wet?

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My bladder has been constantly aroused by the continual charges of wet conversation so I've had to take precaution on so many different levels


The girls are getting together tonight for another 'girls night in'. For some reason, when I attend these 'nights in', the women that I am with (although dressed to go out on the town) speak as though we're all lounging around in our fleecy pajamas sharing stories as friend's do.

There were a few women tonight that I haven't interacted with socially before. In my quiet yet dirty little head, I wondered whether they would respond as the others do when we're together. So, in my mind, I relax in the comfort of these women and allow the night to begin.

I come dressed quite sexy in a backless blouse and a pair of loose fitting linen pants. Most of the other women were dressed in their LBDs (little black dress) looking rather hot accessorized with a playful attitude that made my nipples harden from the moment we all communed.

You didn't have to be a rocket scientist to see that although we all together as women, we all wanted to look good. Not only for ourselves but for each other, tonight. The champagne cork popped and it was on!

I'm always the shy one, she who edges on the peripheral observing, listening and taking into account every word, every hand motion, every facial expression and every topic each of these ladies put out there. It wasn't long before the topic of wetting yourself unearthed itself from the moistness of our femininity. You could tell it was put out there for bait, so I bit. I reached down and pulled the leg of my absorbent underwear down further as I admitted how I wet myself sometimes in public, by accident, of course :) there was sympathy from the crowd, a bit of laughter but underneath all of that, I could tell that Megan emphasized with me. We made eye contact and she smiled at me as if to say, I understand.

The night went on and we all mingled. I decided to get some fresh air but most importantly, I needed to take myself to a place where I could think about what I was feeling without any distractions. There was a bench on the porch and with the full moon shining it's light so brightly, I excused myself from the ladies and headed for fresh air.

I closed my eyes for just a brief moment and recounted the look I received from Megan while I spoke of my embarrassing but oh so sexy wetting 'accidents'. I reached down between my legs and rubbed the soft linen material against my protective underpants. I was horny. My bare back ached for a soft touch and my nipples hadrdened with pleasure thinking about it. I could feel my pussy starting to moisten with my juices. I wanted to just have a feel, just a little one, while I was outside under the beautiful blanket of soft light.

I stood up and walked towards the water feature and as I got closer to the sound of trickling water, I slipped my hand down the front of my pants and dipped a finger into my now saturated vagina. Mmmmmm I knew that I'd like that feeling and I knew that I'd want a bit more. So, while my finger was gliding in and out of my well lubricated hole, I wet myself. On purpose this time and let out an ever so faint moan. Dirty thoughts filled my mind of Megan's hand replacing mine while she told me about her wetting accidents she had in public.

I was there! In that place where once I get there, I need to have an orgasm! I inhaled and could smell the sweet smell of the roses in the garden. There were a few blooms down low so I squatted to fill my senses with their beauty. While I was down there, I couldn't help but let go even more and started to fill myself with pleasure and pee. I drifted off for a moment to a place where thoughts of wetting flooded my mind and in turn, my underwear until I heard a voice say, 'do they have a strong perfume?'

Startled, I lost balance and fell back onto my bottom as though I was woken from a hypnotic state. Megan rushed up to me and apologized for knocking me off my feet. 'Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to check in with the babysitter and saw you smelling the roses'

She helped me up and bent over to dust my pants off. They were soiled from the wet earth and while she was trying to clean them off, I snapped back into reality and realized that she could probably feel and smell that something was different about me. I quickly took refuge on the bench and removed my shoes to empty out the dirt that got in them when I lost balance. 'Let me make sure you haven't gotten anything on your back' Megan's soft warm hands brushed my back just how I imagined they would moments before. Her brushes turned into slow strokes and her hand slowly traced the contour of my bare back. I could feel myself edging on orgasm as she followed my spine down to my waistband. I felt her fingers move slowly from one side of my waistline to the other yet at the same time, I couldn't actually feel her entire fingers on my skin. I focused in on her gentle touch and as I shut my eyes, my ears perked up and I could hear the sound of my protective undergarment rustling to the same rhythm as Megan's finger strokes. I panicked and without saying anything I realized she knew I had some sort of diaper on under my slacks so I just played it off. 'Have you got something fresh to change into?' she whispered. I wasn't sure at this stage what she was referring to? Did she mean my soiled linen pants or the pull up that I had on under them that was now on the nose?

.... To be continued



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