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Did Someone Say Wet? (2)

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After soiling my pants, Megan was eager to help to make my moment not so embarrassing.


..... I could feel my heart beating in my chest, the sound echoed in my head and before I could speak, there was a strong but oh so pleasurable twinge in my pussy. 'Something to change into?' I repeated. 'Um, no. I didn't expect to get dirty.'. Megan placed her hand on my thigh, the other one still on my waistline fondling with the crinkly bits of my pull up and whispered to me, 'stay here, I'll be right back'

Megan got up and went back into the house, I could hear the women chuckling and chattering. I didn't know what she was doing or how long she was going to be but what I did know was that I was soaking wet and horny as fuck! My hand slid between my legs as I pushed the bulky wet front of my wet undergarment against my bare pussy. My clitoris was so sensitive, it must be erect! Nothing could stop me from peeing a bit more into my pull up. At this point, all I wanted to do was to strip off down to my protective pants and rub one out! My heart started to race and I opened my legs a little wider for easier access. As I gently rubbed, I closed my eyes and imagined Megan again, her hand down the front of my pull up circling my sweet erect clitoris while she told me how sexy she thought I was wearing a pull up. Mmmmmmegan! Just as I was about to let go again, I heard the laughter of the women get louder as Megan opened the door. She walked up behind me, moved my long hair to expose my ear and whispered to me, 'C'mon, let's go for a drive' She pecked me ever so softly but so playfully on my ear and headed for her car.

I followed Megan into her little hybrid car. It still smelt new although she says it was three years old. It was immaculate, small but immaculate. There was an infants seat in the back. 'That's Zoe's seat, she's two and should be fast asleep. My house is just around the corner I told the girls that you started your period and I was taking you to get changed, hope you don't mind?' Mind? Mind? My mind was calculating so many different scenarios as she spoke, dirty ones. I've just been swept away by some Nubian princess who wants me to wear her clothes which means I'll have to get out of mine. Do I mind? Most Definately NOT!! So I calmly replied 'good idea, thanks'

We pulled up in her drive way. She crept in to let her babysitter know that we were here but that we weren't staying long. Zoe was fast asleep. Megan led me to her bedroom and closed the door behind us. In a soft voice she asked if I wanted to wear a skirt of hers? Again, my dirty mind started and I thought, If I wear one of her skirts and she is sitting across me, she could see what I was wearing beneath so I quickly answered, 'yeah, that's cool. Have you got a black mini?' Megan disappeared into her wardrobe and produced three minis for me to choose from. 'try these on, I'm going to get us a drink'

A drink? My bladder was already full and I was hovering badly!!! I slipped my pants off and tried on the first black mini. I stood up in front of her full length mirror to see how it looked. As I turned to the side to see my profile, I noticed how bulky my pull up was under the skirt. I didn't wear any underwear over my pull up tonight so all I had was these big girl protective panties with purple butterflies and love hearts on them. I hiked the skirt up a bit around my thighs until I could see the nappy showing under Megan's skirt I had on. God did that look sexy! I couldn't help but slip my hand between my legs and start to rub again. The pull up was near its total saturation point and all jelly like. I sat down on the bed in front of the mirror and unconsciously slid my hand down the front of my pull up and started to play with my pissy pussy. I must have been so comfortable because for a moment there, I didn't know where I was. I lay back on the bed and continued to masturbate. It felt so good! My pussy was loving the penetration of my fingers and my clit loved when I pushed my bulky pull up against its head. I could faintly hear Megan talking to her babysitter so I carried on tending to my pee soaked pants and horny hole. I was on the verge of orgasming! The pressure was building and my body was stiffening. I was desperate to cum!! I rubbed harder and I started to really fuck my pussy with my middle finger. I scooted back on the bed a bit and lifted my legs so my heels were on the edge of the bed and my knees were bent. I had to cum! I reached up to cup a breast of mine when Megan walked through the door.

......too horny to finish tonight, to be continued



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