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Did I Do That To You?

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A day at the beach.


Back when I was 17 years old, my new boyfriend Ray and I headed to the beach for the afternoon. It was Spring and getting nice and warm. We arrived and spread out our beach towel and set up for a nice fun filled afternoon.

I then removed my shorts and shirt and got down to my bikini. At 17 I was well developed with nice shapely breasts, narrow waist and nice hips. I also had very shapely legs. I figured Ray would like what he saw as I had often turned heads since I was 14 or so. As it turned out, was I ever right.

Ray was laying on the towel on his side when I ran down to the water to try it out. I found it too cold to be comfortable and headed right back to the towel. Ray had laid there watching me. When I got back to the towel I couldn't help but notice it. In fact there was no way I could had missed this. Ray was wearing a tight swim suit and in front he had a hugh bulge. Ray had an erection from hell in his suit! It was enormous looking. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

I asked Ray while looking down at his suit 'did I do that to you?' He then looked down at himself and said 'oh my God!' and turned belly down on the towel telling me 'I'm sorry'. I asked him again 'did I do that to you?' He replied 'yes. You look so good'. Something Ray didn't know about me was that I was very familiar with erect cocks and had jerked off a lot of boyfriends in the past. I loved doing this and loved watching them shoot off there cum. It also gave me my own little thrill that my body could get them so aroused. Ray was about to find out about my special talent.

I told Ray to get up and wrap the towel around him and let's go down the beach where there weren't so many people. He seemed to quickly put two and two together and up he came. We drove further down the beach and found a good empty place to park. I then reached over and started rubbing on his cock. He melted in his seat at my touch. I then told him 'drop your suit and I'll give you a nice hand job'. Ray's mouth dropped when I said this I guess at my matter of factness. He sat there just looking at me. I then told him 'I hope this isn't something that bothers you or something but I've been jerking off boy's cocks since I was 15 years old'. With this said, Ray then raised his hips and pulled down his suit exposing the biggest cock I'd ever seen! It was enormous! I looked at it and said 'oh my gosh! You're enormous!'. With this Ray gave me a big smile. I took off my bikini top showing off my nice boobs to him. I then got the sun tan lotion and coated his cock with it. Rays hands then went to exploring my body and his hand ended up rubbing me on my pussy. The place boys seem to always end up at. I then went to stroking his cock. Ray stretched out in his seat and then started bucking his hips as if thrusting. His hand was now rubbing my legs. He then started making the familiar sounds of a boy beginning to have his orgasm and with this I concentrated my eyes on the little slit on the head of his big cock. Off he went! Rope after rope of his cum flew out. I had never seen a boy cum so much! Thick and white landing in globs all over his belly. I told him that this was the most cum I'd ever seen. He smiled at this telling me how good it was.

We took the towel and wiped off everything and put our clothes back on. On our drive back to our neighborhood I sat next to him with my hand on his big cock. Ray stayed hard all the way and often reached for a feel of my legs. He kept telling me that my legs drive him crazy. We got a bite to eat and then he took me home. By then it was dark and I ended up giving him another hand job while parked in front of my house. Ray still turned lose another big load of cum. It was several weeks later that I lost my virginity to Ray. I just had to have that big cock of his as my first and he 'broke me in' well with that big thing of his.

Well, all good things always have to come to an end. My dad ended up getting transferred and we had to move. I still talk to Ray by phone quite often and we have gotten back together a couple of times just to have sex. He is still the biggest I've ever had although I'm still looking and getting.



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