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Dick Goes Public

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Before you read this episode, you might like to read two earlier chapters archived here under 'Enjoying my penis'. Then read on ..


Having explored the possibilities of mutual masturbation, I had grown inordinately proud of my penis. My masturbatory friend was impressed and I was soon overcome with this urge to show my penis to others. I developed this method that at the time I found tremendously exciting. I went into one of the cubicles in the school toilets and unzipped my fly and, almost quivering with excitement I hardly had to stroke my throbbing member a few times before I was fully erect. I waited until I was sure there was no one at the urinals, then opened the cubicle door and stood at the urinals as though I was about to piss.
My penis stood out proud and stiff and, it seemed to me, unusually dark red. I casually cupped the shaft so it lay lightly between my thumb and forefinger.
Then someone came in and stood beside me!
I couldn't move and I certainly was unable to look to see who it was. My eyes drifted to the side and I saw the hand of another boy holding his flaccid penis just as he began to piss.
Then he spoke. 'Hell, what's that you've got there, kid!'
My heart was racing but I turned and looked at the much taller and older boy beside me.
'What?' I was aware that a small droplet of pre-cum had oozed out of the end of my extended penis.
'That's a big cock, kid. What have you been up to, eh?'
I was flustered and managed to mumble, 'I'm trying to have a pee.'
He smiled and said, 'Not like that, you won't. Come with me.'
Where to, I thought? The principal? But he turned and walked into the same cubicle I had earlier left. What to do? Short of breath, I followed him. Inside he closed the door and told me to sit down. He then pulled his now less than flaccid penis out of his trousers and pointed it at my face. He stroked it a few times and it grew even larger than mine. All the while my own penis was throbbing quietly in my lap. Emboldened and at the same time almost blank with both fear and excitement, I watched as his stroking got faster.
'Want to take over?' he asked. 'Come on, it won't bite.' Almost in panic, I reached up and encircled his twitching cock. It was hot to the touch and smooth as my quivering hand slid up and down his shaft. I watched his face as he closed his eyes and slightly extended his tongue. I kept stroking slowly but it seemed to be working as very soon beneath my fingers I felt the familiar stiffening that precedes ejaculation. Was he going to come on my face? I was too frightened to stop and soon he gasped and shot his load out over my face in long, sticky threads.
'Whoa, nice one, kid. Let me clean you up a bit.' He ripped some toilet paper off the roll and wiped my furiously blushing face. 'Now stand up,' he commanded. So I stood and we exchanged places so he was sitting down. He reached inside my fly and drew out my balls so that all was revealed to his amused gaze. Then he leant forward and sucked my penis into his mouth. I felt the heat of his tongue investigating the underside of my pulsating cock and before I knew what had happened I exploded, ejaculating blobs of semen into his waiting mouth.
I was weak at the knees and flushed all over when he stood, wiped his mouth, smiled, and left. I collapsed to the seat and heard him running water and gargling. That was my semen! I thought, amazed at what had happened.
Over the coming days I saw the boy from my toilet experience around the school, but he never acknowledged me in any way.
There were times when I wondered if it ever happened at all.
This exhibitionist urge that I had discovered was to frame a range of experiences for me over the years.
At one time when I was convalescing at home, I discovered that by sitting up in bed I could look down the road for some distance. Over the days I got to know who was walking along the pavement at what times and would wait in anticipation for particular women to appear. Already primed and erect, I would see them appear and stroke away unseen while imagining their naked bodies beneath their clothes.
There were two in particular whom I preyed on. One was a mature woman of around forty or so. Presumably she worked in an office because she wore a tightly fitting black skirt with a plain white blouse. Her breasts would noticeably jiggle as she walked, bouncing both from side to side and up and down. And all the while I was stroking vigorously, starting with those short strokes using just two fingers and my thumb on the two inches or so behind my penis head. As my excitement grew and the woman approached, my other fingers would encircle the lower half and my strokes would become more determined. Soon I was able to time my ejaculation so that I came just as she drew level with my bedroom.
The second object of my remote lust was a strange young woman whom I had become aware of some years earlier. She was very plain in appearance and had absolutely no confidence in herself. She would walk along with her eyes glued to the pavement. Almost inevitably, it became imperative she see me masturbating. I mean, I was very proud of my penis and she deserved a little sunshine in her miserable life.
I put my plan into operation by positioning myself in our garage. It looked out onto the street and she would have to walk past the open door of on her way home. I positioned myself behind a pile of boxes near the back and, stroking gently, waited.
Eventually I could hear her footsteps approaching so I stepped out into the open, stroking more enthusiastically, and waited. My pulse was racing and I was on the verge of exploding when she stepped into view. Still walking, she must have seen me pulling away because she turned and looked straight at me. Then she stumbled and regained her balance, all the while watching me as full-fisted I exploded long ropes of semen all over the floor. She flushed then looked away and without a word strode out of sight.
I was left trembling and slowly stroking the last few drops of semen out of my furiously pulsing penis. What would happen now, I wondered. Would she complain and ring the police?
But nothing happened so next day I waited just the same and again heard her footsteps approaching. This time I took a few steps further towards the door all the while stroking excitedly and very conscious that anyone driving past or looking out of a window from any of the two houses across the street could see me at play.
This time I was still doing the two-finger and thumb stroke when she emerged and walked into view. Her head kept straight ahead but I thought I saw her eyes peering at me masturbating energetically to another glorious release of come aimed in her direction. Her pace seemed to pick up and she disappeared from view.
So, she clearly saw me but still took the usual route past our garage. Presumably she hadn't said anything to anyone. I went upstairs and lay on my bed, my penis still fully extended and pointing at the ceiling. I wonderer what she thinks, I thought as I stroked some more. Probably never seen a penis before. Did she go home and masturbate herself. I knew girls could, although I wasn't all that clear how. Must be something to do with breasts and cunt, I supposed. Did she play with herself last night while she thought about me in the garage? Did she stick her fingers up her cunt and squeeze her tits? They were quite small, but they were visible enough beneath her shirt to inspire my continued yanking on my engorged member. I wonder if she would one day yank on my cock like I was now? And that was enough to get me to ejaculate again.
Such was the beginning of my cock's public career, but soon there would be even more interesting developments....



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