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Diapers Feel Amazing

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Hi, I'm 19 and I have masturbated for years. I usually just stick to the basics beat off while reading the stories on here about men and women masturbating. (I am very turned on by masturbation, especially women) I make a fist with my left hand, then stick the tip of my penis through the top of the fist, where the forefinger is, then I pump away until I cum everywhere.
But when I'm relly feeling horny and want to really do it right, I get out my bag of depends diapers. Just thinking about putting one on can get me rock hard, and dying for attention.
When I do put it on I go slow and get it really tight. Its the feeling of encasement, my ass, balls and penis being pushed up tight, that really turns me on. When ones on theres a comforting wad right between my legs that feels so good. The first time I did it I thought I would come just from walking around in them, an hearing the crackle of the plasic, and I nearly did.
My recent technique is to put 6 diapers on in a row. This adds so much to the feelings, and everyone gets better and better. First I put on a pair on mens bikini cut underwear, to stop me from tearing apent the first diaper layer when beating off, then the 6 diapers, as tight as possible. After they are on its almost enough to make me go insane.
But to make it even better I need something to make them tighter fitting to my body. The best way to bring it up is to wear a one-piece women's bathing suit that is a couple sizes to small.
Now that I'm all set up, just walking around makes me want to explode, and I often stop right where I am and just start humping, either the ground, or the side of a stool, or the counter in the kitchen. Its never enough to come but it drives me wild. I rub up and down the diapers with my hands, and make myself hornier than I can stand.
In fact, as I write this now I am wearing that exact thing. Typing up my technique is making me horny as hell, and I can't wait't cum.
to set myself off I use a hands-free jack off tube. Its the cardboard part of a tube of wrapping paper, cut vertically and lined with bubble-wrap, then taped together. I put an unwound condom inside and pull the top around the tube and keep it in place with elastic. Then I take some liquid lubricant and strech it over my penis.
It feels so tight and so good, not as good as a pussy, nut not bad either. I put it on under the diaper, and now I can walk around and get off hands free. The thick diapers make me super horny and the tube gets me off just enough every time I stop and hump anything. Eventually I just read a ton of hot stories on Solo, then put some good porn on the screen, and lay on my bed and hump my way to orgasm, hands free.
When I'm done I pull the suit down, and pull the diapers right down too (until next time!), then take off the tube and dispose of the gooey condom. Either that or I leave it on. The diaper is so erotic that if I want to I can usually get erect again very soon, right up into the tube! its already nice and gooey at this point, and the feeling can be even more real the second time. I guess sloppy seconds is a good thing in masturbation!
I sometimes even go to sleep like this, and it will even get me horny in my sleep. I wake up, stiff as a board, and just lay in my bed, humping away to a quick, but well needed orgasm. I'm in a half awake, half asleep state, feeling horny as anything, but helpfully the diapers make the orgasm come quickly. Best of all, there's never any clean up, just throw out the inside diaper if its got a lot of semen on it.
I find this to be the best method for masturbation ever. The feeling is better than any other form of masturbation I've tryed yet. I know it sounds weird, and people might think a diaper is a wierd sex toy, but I say try it once. I'm sure you'll t find it as erotic as anything else you've tryed.



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