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Dew Soaked

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I never knew there was something better than catching fly balls...


Ok.... let me start out by saying that I am completely straight and am into the girly girls. But I have to admit that there is one hott tomboy that I have always set my sights on. For privacy's sake, let's call her Juss.

For years I would notice her in church. I watched her grow and mature into a full breasted hot babe. Her sister Kimmy could never catch up, and I was turned on to see Juss' glowing pride in her full tits. We would sit across the sanctuary from each other and make eye contact.

Before long I became convinced that we were meant for each other. Her style was perfect... simple but elegant at the same time. She would dress in hott gym shorts that accented her firm calves. I would notice the holes in her old camp shirts and try to sneek a peek into that glory. But what really made us a perfect match was our love for similar foods. Every time she went up to the soda machine to dispense a Dew I would get a boner off of her hott ass. One time we even sipped out of the same Dew, and I knew she was interested. But how could we get alone? We hardly knew each other?

Well, one night after youth group my dream came true. Juss' father Timmy was busy with Juss' sister Kimmy at home, and said he would be a few minutes late. So I offered Juss a ride. My mom Wendy came to pick us up in the van and unfortunately I noticed that my sister Holly was in the back.

But Juss and I climbed in, and Holly soon fell asleep with her baby in her arms. What a whore. Anyways, Juss was sitting next to me in the pitch dark van. She was close to me and I could feel the heat coming from her hott body. I noticed that one of her tits was considerably larger than the other... as if it was reaching towards my free hand. Dare I go for the gold? I grabbed a Dew out of my pocket to break the ice and make things a little more comfortable. When I offered her a sip, my clumsy assed hand spilled a little on her neck and on her shirt. Who am I to waste any Dew? I reached in slowly and sensually and sucked the dew from her neck. I could feel some brisk hairs from her chin and the sharp pain sort of turned me on in a sadistic sort of way.

As I reached in she let out a slight moan. I knew she wanted more and I rubbed her tit similtanously. With my other hand, I let the Dew fall to the floor. I reached up her camp shirt and fingered the hole by her boob with a passionate lust indescribable through human language. I knew that there was no going back. Her gym shorts were easy to slide my hand down. I felt her granny panties and slid my fingers down... using my Dew as lube. I slid my finger passed her clit and dug deep into her moist pussy with a 'cum' hither motion.

And then! Oh my God. She reached down to my jeans and I felt her hand go through the fly of my B-Sens boxers. She spit into her hand and gave me the hand job of my life, gently sliding up and down my shaft until I felt like bursting all over her. I screamed, 'Juss!' and I think my mom knew what we were up to. She's very liberal like that. Anyways, before long Juss whispered that she was going to cum, although something tells me that she didn't quite know what that meant. I would be the teacher and she would be my slave.

I couldn't hold on any longer. I told her to slow down, but she was one horny girl. I burst all over her gym shorts in wild ecstasy. And then what she did next was sort of kinky. She reached down and scooped a load of my warm cum and effed her own pussy with it. Something told me it was wrong... but then again drinking a lot of Dew makes me quite infertile.

I smiled and sucked on the side of her ear. I felt like I had worth in the world and the fact that another human being could love me made me feel more important than anyone.

I looked up front to make sure Holly was still asleep. But to my surprise... the sleeping beauty up front was actually Juss!



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