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Desperate for an Orgasm

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I work nights. Occasionally my work is done early and I get to go home at three or four am. I have used this time in various ways some times I go home and jump my husband's bones. Some times I do some leisurely grocery shopping. Sometimes I go home and bake. Last week hubby was sick, he wasn't interested and I was not interested in getting what he had.

He is insufferable with the mildest of colds but this was a doozie. I am not used to days without sexual activity. I tried jilling off next to him sick in bed, but that was about as inspiring as doing it at the city dump. So when the likelihood of getting out early arose, I packed a couple of vibes and vowed to not come home till I was well and truly sated.

I got out of work at two am the clubs are open to three in the area. I had it in mind to go parking outside a club that was having a male review, and see if I could check them out as they came out to go home, while privately jilling in the car. I arrived at about 2:30 and the place was still hopping. I had to park half a block away. I had not been clubbing since we got married. The thoughts of the music, and crowd, and the stud dancers, and my horny state, I decided to go in. I ditched my jacket and my bra and left my silk blouse mostly unbuttoned. I rolled up my skirt the way I used to in parochial school, and applied fresh hot red lipstick. Other than missing heels and makeup, I looked the part fairly well.

There was no line. You could walk right in. There was no one there to collect the $30 cover. The music was loud and the show was on full bore the dancers were all on the floor at this point, there was lots of stuff going on. The guys were all nude but there was nothing to be seen, other than the one guy on the main stage. All the others were on the floor offering private dances.

One guy had a wall of girls to block the view as he was likely working over one of the patrons. Another guy shielded view with his cape, of what was likely energetic activity. Other guys were getting tugged off under a towel or behind a table or what not, but nothing in view, the views were reserved for ones in the midst of receiving VIP services. I got a drink and made my way to the stage. There were only a few women gathered around the stage, The dancer on stage spotted me immediately and invited me on stage. I must have been sending signals I was not aware of. However, I was not going to pass on this opportunity.

He threw out a sheepskin that was soft and plush, he had me sit down. He danced around me very seductively. I produced a bill with which to tip. He motioned me to put it between my lips, which I did. Then he motioned for me to tuck it between his leg and balls. So I took it out of my mouth and he made it clearer to do the tucking with my lips. I downed my drink in a single shot and put the bill between my lips. He danced over my face. He nuzzled in close and I did my best to complete the task. My respiration was up from the excitement and the cheering. While nestled I realized he was perspiring and his crotch smelled wonderfully musky but with a mix of vanilla and cinnamon.

I could not help but attempt a lick at his crotch, apparently that was against the rules as he pulled away and admonished me. He motioned me to get another bill which I did and he directed me to tuck it on the other side of his ball sack. This time I refrained from licking. Between the smell, the motion, and dampness. I could have stayed all night like that. But apparently $5 only buys you so much. He motioned me to get another bill and lay down with it between my lips. He covered me with a fur blanket. It brushed my blouse open and dragged across my raw nipple. It felt amazing. I noticed a literal gush out of my pussy that soaked my panties.

He lowered his crotch to my face and proceeded to dry hump my face and neck. Other than the lovely intoxicating smell and the fur bed it was not very erotic, but it must have been quite the show, because the cheers from the crowd were really ramping up. Then he began to massage my bare boobs under the fur blanket. He had to know how glorious the fur felt as he dragged my nipples back and forth across the fur.

Then he dived under the blanket, he popped his head out the bottom and must have made a gesture to the crowd, because the place erupted. It occurred to me I hope there is no one here I know. I buried my face in his lower abdomen. He reached under the blanket and grabbed my panties. He literally ripped them off me. He brought them out for all to see. The place erupted again. He displayed the wet gusset and all the girls around started woo wooping. I must have been beet red. But there was no extricating my self now, I was locked under him.

He came out from under the blanket and began sniffing and licking the panties. Then he did this hulk routine, like the taste made him super strong, and he ripped the panties apart. Any thought of wearing them home was gone. Then it looked like he stuffed them in his mouth and swallowed them, but it must have been slight of hand. Clearly he had done this before.

Then he started rubbing me with the fur blanket. He basically brushed my blouse and skirt out of the way exposing everything sensitive to the soft fur. Then he dove back under the blanket. This time he began undulating and humping. As he put on a show for all the spectators, he spread my legs and started fingering me with three fingers from one hand while polishing my clit with two fingers from the other hand. His cock was against my cheek as he humped my neck. I began to get hot in every possible way, under this hulk of a man, in this fur sandwich.

He had the mussels of an Adonis, how he could put on a show and take me toward orgasm at the same time was amazing. It was a good 10 minutes before I was about to come, he slid down. The cool air hit my face. I realized everyone at the stage was looking right at my face as I came. I almost blacked out it was so intense. He left his fingers in place until my contractions stopped. It must have been good for him because his cock was like spring steel. Between his and my perspiration, we were both slick all over, but particularly where he had been humping, and between my legs. I think we were both leaking.

He left me covered on the stage as he got up to finish his dance. Two other dancers came on stage and dragged the corners of the sheep skin and me off stage. These two after they got me back stage helped me up, and handed me a towel. I looked myself in the mirror. I looked like I had been ravaged in a gang bang. I was covered with perspiration, my blouse was torn and my skirt and hair were completely dishevelled.

Good thing for 24 hour superstores. I bought a new blouse and panties before I went home, but not until I vibed one out in the changing booth. Hubby was feeling better when I got home, wouldn't you know. After sleeping for three days apparently he was well rested at 5am. After a shower, he took care of me a few more times. He got his, with something special, to make up for my dalliance.



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