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Deserted Stairwell 'Fun'

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This story takes place when I was in middle school.


I had been crushing on Ruben for a few months. It started as nothing, just thinking he was cute, then it evolved. We started with great eye contact and soon I couldn't help letting my finger go up to my mouth so I could suck on it tauntingly. Let's just say he enjoyed it also. We shared the same science class and often went to the computer lab for digital expirements on the computer. There was a computer way back in a corner that no one could see. He was seated at that one and I was right next to him. He asked me for help and I agreed, soon I was kneeling next to his chair my hand traveling slowly across his legs to the mouse. I started out explaining the expirement, but we both knew that's wasn't why I was there. His hand reached behind me and he started rubbing my ass through my skin tight jeans. I was VERY turned on. I noticed that everytime my hand crossed his lap his cock was swelling in size. It looked to be about 6 inches and he wasn't even fully erect. The class ended and we left. We made our way to an empty stairwell where no one every walked. Behind the stairs was a dark corner, and both of us knew that's where we were headed. Once we reached our 'secret spot' Ruben started caressing my ass again. I have ALWAYS loved to have my ass grabbed or touched, even by a random pervert, and this was no exception. I moaned lightly and my lips found their way onto his. We french kissed while our hands travelled all over each other's bodies. By now his cock was completely hard and stuck straight out, the fabric of his jeans clenched around it. I reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, my lips never leaving his. He'd already done the same to me and now was sliding his hand into my thong. My wet pussy was slick with desire as his perfect sized finger made it's way into me. His thumb rolled my clit around and my breathing grew staggered. My hands by now had pulled down his jeans to his ankles and his boner pulled taut the cottony fabric of his boxers. I pulled my lips off of his at the same moment as my hand dove into his boxers. I first touched the head of his cock and he inhaled sharply. My hand grasped all away around his thick member and rubbed up and down. He let out a moan as I reached a particular pleasure spot. His hand was still in my thong and his fingers rolled around directly on my clit. I moaned and couldn't stop myself, now I didn't care who heard. I orgasmed violently right there in the stairwell. In the midst of my pleasure I must have tightened my grip on his dick for now a wave of pleasure made it's way through both of us. Before our moans and screams of pleasure could be heard we muffled the noise with a kiss. It was the best day of school ever. Ofcourse afterward I did have to wash my hands, but it was worth it!(lol) Nowadays we still flirt sexually quite a bit, but nothing like that day. I know I'll always remember it and I hope he does too.



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