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Deserted Beach

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I enjoy going to a beach that I found some years back. It's in a state park in Maryland on a barrier island. There is only one way onto the island, but there is miles of pristine beach, so if you are willing to walk you won't be bothered by anyone. There have been many days when I never saw a soul, but usually I would see 6 to 10 people in a day.

This day I stayed within a 1/2 mile of the main beach and set up my chair, towel, and cooler. This way I could see the crowd at the main beach taking a walk my way I can get up and go for a swim and when they get close to me come out of the water and walk back to my chair so they can check me out in my g-string bikini. I am an exhibitionist and love to be looked at, so I try to give people a lot to look at.

After setting up I spotted a couple walking towards me, so I got up and went into the ocean. As they got closer I could see the woman was wearing a tiny bikini and the man was too. This was unusual as most men these days wear long shorts. When they were about 20yards from me I exited the water. I had a nice chubby going, because there bikinis were so small it was turning me on. I said hi to them and they said Hi back, and asked how the water was. I said it was great and they should get in. She said that they were going to walk for a while and go swimming down the beach away from people. She said would you like to join us. I said sure and we headed down the beach.

She asked if I was gay because I was wearing a g-string and I seem to be checking out her brother. I said your brother I thought that was your husband, and no I'm not gay I just love showing off my body and less is more when it comes to swimwear. She said you look damn good and her brother agreed. The brother asked if I mind if he took his bikini off because he loves to be nude. I said not at all go for it. He took his bikini off and I have to say he had a beautiful dick. It had a nice length and mushroom head and swayed back and forth when he walked. It was turning me on and I was getting an erection, and I'm not even gay.

She said you seem to be getting excited over my brother being naked. I said he has a great body and I am attracted to beautiful people no matter what the sex. She said me too and since my brother is naked I think we should be too. So we got naked and she looked at my dick and said nice one, let's go swimming. We dropped our bikinis and went in the water. We were splashing and diving into the waves and wrestling. The brother tried to dunk the sister and she yelled to me to save her. So I jumped on his back and my hard dick was pressing on his back so he dragged me back to the beach with his sister.

When we got back The sister said damn both of you have hard on's if I wasn't a lesbian I would be in heaven. The brother said that we should masturbate to get some relief. She said why don't you guys jack each other off. We looked at each other and he just grabbed my dick without saying a word and started stroking me and then grabbed my hand and put it on his dick and we started jerking each other off. I didn't last long and started cumming and as soon as I did so did he. It was the most erotic and sexy thing I have ever done. We spent the rest of the day together and exchanging phone numbers. We got together regularly and the brother and I have been giving each other head while his sister watched. I really enjoy it.



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