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Desert Breeze

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This happened about three years ago in the remote Arizona desert


I live and work in the Desert Southwest. I work for a very, very large company that maintains automated data systems throughout remote areas, and as an IT employee, I occasionally have to travel out to one of these 'shacks' (which is really what they are) to perform maintenance on the computer equipment.

This happened a while back, but reading the stories here inspired me to tell this story. Maintenance was required at a shack about three hours out of town. A co-worker, Donald, and I checked out a company Blazer and set out for the location. We had meetings to attend all morning, so we didn't get on the road until almost 1:00pm. We figured we could get back by 7:00pm. It was early fall, so it was still quite warm during the day, although the hottest part of the summer had passed. Donald is a good guy, although I don't know him that well, so the drive gave us an opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.

We arrived at the shack and replaced a failed switch and did some updates and optimization. Satisfied that all was in working order, we got in the Blazer to head back to civilization. I turned the key and nothing. I mean nothing. No dashboard lights, no ignition click, just dead. I said, 'I wonder if the battery has been replaced in a long time? Who knows how long it has been sitting in the heat.' We opened the hood and checked all the battery cables, they all seemed tight so we tried again. Still nothing. So we both sighed and got out the satellite phone, which the company thoughtfully provided for just such a situation, being that there is rarely cell service as far out as we often have to go. Fortunately, the battery in the satellite phone was fine and dispatch said they would send a wrecker, but it would be awhile. No worries, we had a case of water and two Power Bars each. And some time to kill.

Fortunately, the sun had dropped behind a hill and was on its way down so we weren't stuck in the sun. We got in the back seat of the Blazer and dozed off. When I awoke it was dark, very dark. Either there was no moon or it wasn't up yet. I realized I had to pee. I stepped out and a few yards from the car to piss. I heard Donald approaching as my stream started to hit the dusty desert floor. It was too dark to see more than his silhouette. Moments later, I heard his stream hit the dirt. As I listened to him piss, a memory from childhood came back: the neighbor boy, my age, one day took me out back behind his garage and talked me in to showing each other's dicks, and then we had watched each other pee. It was the first time I had seen another guy's dick and it seemed so naughty and very exciting. I started to get a semi as the memory flooded over me. Just as my piss stream dwindled, a whisper of breeze swept by and tickled my balls.

'That desert air feels good on my balls,' I said.

'Don't get weird on me, man,' Donald said. I thought, 'well so much for playtime', but his piss stream had dwindled and I hadn't heard his zipper go up. We were both just standing there with our willies out.

'Nothing weird about enjoying a pleasant feeling,' I replied, starting to stroke my hardening dick, 'especially after having it cooped up in my jeans all day in the heat, this is nice. Don't mean to embarrass you, buddy, but this feels damn nice.'

Donald was quiet, but took a step toward me. I closed the gap with a step and reached out for his dick. I felt a jolt as my hand touched the hot flesh of his hardness. Then another jolt as he touched me. Silently, we worked each other's shaft until he turned away a bit and gasped. I could hear his semen splat on the ground. That was it for me and I gripped his shoulder as he kept stroking me, my knees bending a bit as the waves of pleasure shook me through and through.

'I gotta sit down,' I said and went back to the Blazer and sat in the back seat, pants still open and my the last drop of cum on my dick head dick glistening in the dim star light. Donald walked to the back of the Blazer and got a water, and stood there drinking it for a few minutes. He then got in the other back seat and we sat there quiet.

Suddenly he said, 'You won't say anything to anybody, will you?'

'Hell, no,' I said, 'It's just one unusual night in the desert is all. Say, didn't you ever jerk off with any buds in high school or anything?'

'No,' he said, 'One friend and I played a bit of show and tell, but that's it. But I guess I admit I've always been tempted to look at other guys' dicks if I have the chance.'

'That's just natural,' I said, 'go to any locker room and every guy is looking around, it's our nature.' As I said this I was absent-mindedly stroking my dick, and as it started to get hard again I was hoping that Donald was 'up' for one more.

'What's the hottest sex you've ever had?' I asked him, 'If you feel like sharing.'

'One time, in Vegas, I was with two girls,' he said. 'They took my wallet when I fell asleep, but the sex was amazing.'

'Tell me the gory details,' I said. As he relayed the story, I started jacking for real, and it wasn't long before his memories got the better of him and he unzipped. We didn't touch each other this time, but after a few minutes he reached up front for a flashlight and put it between us so we could watch each other. As my speed increased, I pushed my pants down to my ankles and pulled my shirt up. His breathing was getting faster and once again he came first, ropes of cum splattering his left thigh. I came almost immediately, splattering my exposed belly.

I grabbed the box of tissue from the floor of the car and put it between us. Suddenly, I saw headlights in the distance. 'Holy crap' I said, 'I think it's the tow truck.' We scrambled to clean off and get our pants up. I quickly grabbed all the cum-soaked tisued and stuffed them in the trash bag from lunch. Wouldn't the mechanics have loved to have found those?

As the wrecker pulled up, we were all calm and collected, although my dick was still buzzing in my pants. The driver was Matt, a big, beefy company guy I had seen around, although I didn't know him at all. He wasn't beefy in a fat way, more like a quarter-back, with a thick neck; definitely a guy you want on your side.

He hooked up jumper cables and got the Blazer running, and he said we should let it run a bit to charge the battery. As we stood there talking, the Blazer suddenly died. Matt said, 'Oh, damn, it might be the alternator. We better tow it in. You guys are gonna have to ride in the cab with me.' I watched Matt as he quickly and expertly hooked up the Blazer to the tow assembly. At one point, as he tossed a big chain across the bed, he stretched upward and his pants pulled tight and I could see the perfect outline of his dick. The emergency lights might have played tricks with shadows, but it looked like a very nice dick.

As we got in the wrecker cab, I volunteered to sit in the middle. There was no choice but for our thighs to be touching and between that and the vibration and jostle of the wrecker I started to get hard again. I thought about trying to start something; I mean wouldn't it just be awesome for the three of us to jerk together as we drove the three hours back to town? But, I didn't know Matt at all and I wasn't sure how Donald would react, so I did nothing, For once I let the head on my shoulders do the thinking. I mean, if I angered or disgusted them it would be a very, very long ride back, and Matt was too big to piss off.

However, in the dark of the cab, I managed to work two fingers of my right hand into my fly just enough that I could surreptitiously rub the head of my dick without them being aware. That was kind of awesome; I was jerking off, well maybe not 'off', but jerking, in between two hot guys. Too bad I couldn't get access to the nice dicks hidden by just a few milimeters of fabric to my left and to my right. Oh well; the three of us jacking each other would only be a nice fantasy. It had already been a hot enough night in the desert, I guess, who could ask for anything more?




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