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Derek and the Hole in the Door

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Normally I don't like my step-dad, but when this happened I gained an appreciation for him.


My grandparents, my mom's parents, live in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin. They have like 13 acres of land, most of it is wooded, and there is a beach. Well on their property there is a cabin. Small, but cozy and this is where my family stays when we visit. Anyway there is the bathroom, and on the door of the bathroom is this hole. Not a big hole, but enough to peek through it. Being who I am, I always wanted to catch glimpses of everyones dicks.

Well one day, my grandma and mom went to the store with my other brothers and sisters and my grandpa was volunteering somewhere, that left my step-dad and I alone. We didn't say much, seeing as we don't have much in common, little did I know. There was silence for a while until Derek got up to go to the bathroom. I waited a few seconds before I scurried to the door. I was expecting him to be peeing, but what I saw was soo much better. He was sitting on the toilet, his dick in his hand and he was stroking it. His shirt was up a little bit and his pants were to his ankles. His right hand worked his six inch meat, while his left rested on his hairy thigh. I immediately became hard and stuffed my hand in my pants and grabbed my dick.

Derek worked his dick fast, occasionally he would jerk his cock up towards his belly button. He cupped his hands around the head of his dick and had his pinky finger extended, how proper of him. His legs would twitch every-so-often from the pleasure. He would stop sometimes to play with his hairy balls. He did this all with his right hand, his left remained on his left thigh. His dick was thick and had a nice head on it; he was cut. His eyes were closed, but he would glance down at his prick but then would arch his head back in pleasure.

Soon Derek bent over, pointing his dick into the toilet. His eyes open and intense, he was going to cum. His hand worked vigorously up and down. I saw Derek clench his lip and I knew he came. He pulled his dick out now glistening with cum. He wiped his now shrinking member with toilet paper and he wiped his fingers. As he stood up to put his pants back on, I quickly and quietly ran back to the couch and pretended to be still reading. My cock was so hard. The toilet flushed and Derek came out of the bathroom, sat back down and continued to read, like nothing happened. I waited a minute or two and then got up, trying to hide my huge boner in my track pants, and went to the bathroom. I had one of the best jack-off's in my life. Part of me was hoping that I would see my step-dad spying on me through the hole. I even tried jacking-off like he did. I came so hard. From that moment on I would try to catch my step-dad wanking every chance I got.



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