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Department Store Friend

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One day I was at my job bringing things to the sales floor when I passed one of my friends at the register. Missy is a very beautiful toned and tanned girl that a lot of the guys ogle over. She was talking to her co worker so I came up and said hi and see what's up. She was talking about using one of the ped eggs on her feet and she did it too long.

Missy: 'My feet are sore, I used that ped egg too much.'

Me: 'Aww, ouch..why did you use it too much?'

Missy: 'I like my feet to be real soft and smooth.'

Me: 'Ooh that's nice, how soft are they?'

Missy: 'Real soft, wanna feel?'

At this point I was floored that she asked me that. Some girls don't like their feet being touched but she didn't seem to care. She leaned up against the register counter and took her foot out of her heels.

Missy: 'I just painted my nails too.'

At this point I'm getting hard just seeing her tanned pedicured foot coming out of her shoe. She props her foot on my leg and giggles as I touch her soft soles.

Me: 'Wow that is pretty soft, pretty sexy I may say.' I sorta smirked at her as I lightly massaged her foot and she giggled some more. 'That sorta tickles but feels good.'

Me: 'Aww, well I'm told that I do give good massages.'

Missy: 'Yes you do! Thank you!.' She puts her foot back into her heel and smiles at me, 'I gotta get my register ready...I'll see you later'

Me: 'Your welcome, I'll see you around!.'

She waves as I go back into the stock room with a hard on. Later that day she comes back to clock out for lunch.

'A few of us are going out to the movies, you wanna come with us?'

'Sure' I said, 'what time and what movie you thinking?' So she tells me the time and the movie.

'Want me to pick you up?'

'Yes!' she got kinda excited 'that would be cool!'

Fast forward to that night, I stop by her house and ring the door bell. She opens the door but in my amazement she's in her pj booty shorts and halter top, no bra.

'Hi!' she said

'Oh wow your in your pj's, thats pretty cute.' I said with a laugh.

'How bout we watch a movie here...I don't feel like going out anymore.'

'Fine by me!' I said. 'Your parents?'

'Upstairs sleeping, they work early. We're going downstairs to the family room.'

So she leads me down there, puts in a movie and sits on the couch next to me. We start making small talk and she lays down on the couch.

'You can put your legs across me, I don't mind.'

'Ok!, give me another foot massage? cuz your real good at them.'


So I'm massaging her soft feet and start getting hard, quick...I didnt want her to feel it on her leg so I kept shifting a little.

'You ok?'

'Yea I am, just getting comfy.'

'Well you made me real comfy, its really relaxing and soothing.'

'I'm glad your enjoying it.'

'Well....can I tell you something?'


'I don't want you to think its weird or anything but......at work, when you started touching and massaging my foot, I got a little turned on.'

'Really? well you had the same effect on me.' I said with a laugh, she smiled and put her foot on my crotch.

'Wow you are hard, did you get this way from just massaging my feet?'

'Yea I did.' I could see a wet spot starting to form on her booty shorts.

'I'm not wearing any panties..as you can tell.' at this point I could feel my cock jump. I took her foot and started to suck on her toes. She giggled 'that feels...different..never had that done but it feels good!' She was staring intently and started rubbing her other foot against my pants where my cock was. 'this is getting me real horny.' she said and she put her hand down her shorts and pulled it back out, I could see the wetness on her fingers as she slid them in her mouth. I quickly took off my shorts and sat there in my boxers sucking her toes. 'that feels so good, I want to feel your cock' so I take off my boxers 'wow you shave, that is really hot' she takes off her shorts revealing a shaved pussy dripping with her juices. 'I'm so fucking fucking wet!' she places her feet around my cock and starts giving me a foot job. She takes off her top and I do as well looking at her toned body.

'That feels good, your feet feel so soft against my cock.' She starts fingering herself and I can hear her sloshing around from her wetness. This starts me going as I can feel my orgasm start to build.

'You gonna cum for me baby, cum all over my toes and feet.'

She puts one foot under my cock and the other on top stroking back and forth. 'Shit that feels good, Your gonna make me cum' I could feel the pressure building 'Fuck, I'm gonna cum'

'So am I!'

I felt the contractions and let out a moan as I started cumming in ropes, one hit the couch, the others on my neck, chest and stomach.

'I'm cuummmiiing!' she said the same time I came I could feel her legs tense up and see her pussy contract around her finger as her juices wet the couch.

'Wow, that was an amazing orgasm, best one I've had!' she said panting lightly

'Yea, I loved mine too.' she looks at her feet covered in cum.

'You came a lot!, and your still hard?'

'Well not completely, it doesn't take much to get me excited again' she slides her foot up and down my shaft. I lean in to kiss her and well....the rest of the story isn't meant for this site.



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