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Department Store Fitting Room

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My girlfriend Emma and I decided to go clothes shopping one weekend afternoon. I hung out with her in the women's department a little before I wandered off on my own. I quickly browsed and picked out a few items that took my interest. For some reason, the place was not too busy which is great because I hate crowds. I made my way to the fitting room and saw a girl in her early 20's looking bored. She immediately perks up when she sees me walking towards her. Her name tag said Cassie. She was a fairly attractive blonde girl with glasses and tight jeans. After the usual pleasantries, she brings me to the room farthest away from the entrance. Then she says 'not to sound creepy, but you have very pretty eyes.' I thanked her and went about my business.

As I was taking my shorts off, her comment finally hit me. Suddenly I was thinking about that girl in a new light which made me semi-hard. I tried to get the thoughts out of my head as I tried on a few pairs of shorts. It was futile as I saw in the mirror that I was now fully erect. As I'm standing there in just my boxers, my hand reaches in and I start playing with my cock. I'm looking down at myself when I realize I can just look in the mirror. I peel my boxers off and pump away. Then I hear a knock at the door. It's Cassie.

'Are you all right in there? You didn't have a lot and it's been awhile,' she says.

'Yeah, I'm almost done...I'm just...naked right now,' I blurt out. I decide to keep stroking as I talk to her. 'The black shorts fit perfectly.'

'Oh, great. I'll come back when you're done,' Cassie says.

'No, stay. I was getting bored in here,' I lied. I was still stroking away as I talked to her. Thinking about her ass in those tight jeans.

'But...are you still naked?' she asks.

'Yes,' I say in a slight moan.

'That's...that's kinda hot,' Cassie whispers back to me. I can see her shoes though the big hole at the bottom of the door. It looks like she's trying to peek in. 'What are you doing in there?'

I unlocked the door. 'Find out if you want,' I dared her. I see the door open a jar and her eyes peered in. They went directly towards my seven inch cock.

'Oh my God, you're masturbating,' Cassie says bewildered. She opens the door even further, taking a step in.

'You're comment turned me on so much,' I confess. I turn towards her and continue stroking my hard cock. 'Stay if you want.'

Cassie looks back out to the fitting room door then quickly slips in. She closes the door and locks it again. The room is very confined so she's standing inches away from me. Then Cassie does something even more unexpected. She peels her t-shirt off over her head revealing a black bra. They must have been B cups. I start stroking even faster as she unzips her jeans. Cassie turns around and slowly slides them down revealing a tiny thong. Then she takes a step back so my cock touches her ass. She places her hands on the seat in front of her as she bends over. My dream came true. I got to jerk off staring at her ass.

I place my left hand on her ass as I jerk my cock. Cassie takes my hand and puts it on her bra covered left breast. I stop stroking as my cock presses into her ass and she starts grinding. I look in the large mirror at us and cannot believe this is actually happening. Cassie then gets up pressing herself into my body. I steal a quick kiss on her neck. She silently beckons me to sit down so I happily oblige.

Cassie turns around, unhooks her bra and drops it to the floor. She's trying to hide her boobs but I can see them from the side in the mirror. I'm sitting there with my legs spread stroking feverishly. Then she slips off her thong and backs up in between my legs. She starts to finger herself and moan softly. Her juices drip down on my cock as I come up and kiss her lower back. Cassie then turns around showing her nice tits and the landing strip above her pussy.

'Answer me truthfully,' Cassie says as she wraps her other hand around my cock. 'Do you have a girlfriend?'

'Yes,' I say truthfully.

'Thank you,' she says while still stroking. 'I'm engaged' she says with a smirk as see the ring on her finger. 'Saying you were single might have gotten you laid provided you had a condom.'

'No condom either,' I say in amazement. Her soft hands continue to jerk me off. She takes my hand and places it on her pussy.

'Rub me,' she lustily says. 'I'm about to cum.' She stops stroking me and squeezes her tits as I rub her. I feel her cum on my hand as she moans out.

'Your turn,' Cassie says as she leans over and places a nipple in my mouth. She comes down and kisses me as she grabs my cock again. She kisses me down my chest and belly and to my thighs. I think she must have liked that I was cleanly shaven down there when she squeezed my balls and stroked fast. 'Cum on my glasses,' she says hungrily. With that phrase she brought her face up and shot my load all over it. Steam after stream landed on her glasses and in her open mouth. Cassie came back up and kissed me as we ate my cum together.

Suddenly we heard the stall closest to the front open. We got dressed in a hurry. We made sure each other was clean and I grabbed my things. 'Come back anytime,' Cassie says with a wink.



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