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Delayed Masturbation

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My story happened last year. My best friend Becky and I were talking about men and sex and jilling. Becky said that another friend of hers said that if you don't jill for quite a long time that you will build up lots of cum and when you orgasm you will then have a lot of cum coming out. To the two of us that sounded reasonable so we made a committment not to jill for six weeks. Becky then suggested that at the end of the time we would get together and jill together and see how much cum we had. I didn't tell her at the time that I never had any fluid, my pussy just gets damp and that's all. I was really apprehensive about doing it together. I suggested we jill alone and then tell each other how much cum came out. Becky said that my idea was dumb and that it would be much more fun to jill together. I didn't jill for six weeks and believe me, I wanted to do it daily. I was so very horny and and I always felt somewhat stimulated. I became somewhat irritable also.

Becky and I met at her house after the six weeks. I was never so nervous in my life. My knees actually felt weak. I did not want to take off my clothes in front of Becky much less jill in front of her. Becky has nice large tits and mine are small with small nipples. I felt so embarrassed before anything even started. When we got in her bedroom Becky then said we should jill each other rather than lying beside each other and jilling ourselves. I almost wanted to cry I was so upset. I didn't say anything and my hands were shaking.

Becky stood in front of me and took off her top and bra. Oh God! Her tits were big but her areolas and nipples were beyond huge and real dark. She started playing with her tits in front of me. Becky told me to take off my top and I said I didn't want to. She raised her voice and told me to take it off now. I took off my top and bra and stood there like a jerk. Becky never said a word, she bent down and kissed both of my nipples which instantly got hard. Becky then began to fondle my tits and play with my little nipples.

She then took off her jeans and her panties. She had no pussy hair at all. I remember saying what happened to your hair. She said she started shaving it a year ago. It looked so smooth that way. I couldn't take my eyes off of her puss because her inner lips were hanging outside of her puss by about two inches. I couldn't believe it. As much as we talked about sex she never told me she shaved and she never told me about her puss lips. As goofy as this sounds the first thing that went through my head was I wanted to put all that skin in my mouth. I should now tell you that when I removed my bra and Becky didn't make a joke or say something not nice about my chest I knew in those brief moments that she was a true friend and when she kissed my nipples she did it so lovingly.

Becky then said, 'well?' I took off my pants and then rather slowly and reluctantly I removed my panties. I knew Becky was looking at all that curly puss hair which I already decided would be gone by the next day. We got on the bed and I thought I would lie next to Becky and that we would just rub each other clits until we came. That's not what happened. Beckly said she was going to make love to me and she climbed on top of me and put her tits in my face. She told me to suck them. Her nipples were the size of the end of my pinkie and I played with each one with my tongue. I also sucked on each one.

Becky started to kiss my body on my chest and my tummy. It felt so nice. She put her tongue in my belly button and then we tongue kissed for a little while. I was now really aroused and I remember breathing faster. Then, Becky started to fondle the outside of my puss. I could hardly feel it through the hair but just seeing what she was doing got me aroused even more.

She told me to open my legs and to raise my knees. I felt her fingers go to my hole and she started to finger fuck me. I tried to move my hips so that I rose up to meet her fingers as they entered my puss. I put my hand down to my clit but Becky pushed it away and said, 'let me do it.' She then stopped fingering me and started rubbing my puss again. I asked her to rub inside my puss and she did that and more which I'm sure you know what I mean.

By now I was nearly pleading with her to make me cum. Becky put her fingers back into my hole and with her other hand she started rubbing my clit. Finally, I came. It was the best! My puss was quite damp but no signs of cum coming out of me. We then reversed roles and I brought Becky to orgasm. I also did something with her dangling inner lips. I'm sure you also know what I mean here. Well, Becky came for sure. Guess what!! Cum was oozing out of her pee hole not squirting like a guy but just slowly seeping out and down her butt and onto the sheet.

I immediately had the most intense desire to have that stuff in my mouth. Becky told me to get a spoon from the kitchen which I did. I scooped her cum off the sheet with the spoon and put it in my mouth. I ate it. Becky watched me and said, 'that was so cool.' She wanted to know what it tasted like but I couldn't describe it. It wasn't so tasty.

Our session did not answer our original question about the quantity of cum you make by waiting. What the session did accomplish was to create a strong desire in both Becky and I to have more love-making sessions. We now make love about every two weeks and it's always good. Oh I almost forgot, the following evening I shaved my entire puss and the hair on the inside of my groin area. It looks way cool.

By the way, I found this site recently when I looked on the net for stuff about female jilling, it's great!



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