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Deep Full Body Orgasm

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The best orgasm I ever had solo!


I will try to keep this as short as possible but the details are really good. This happened on a recent three day business trip while staying at a very nice hotel. I always enjoy several solo jerk-off sessions whenever I am travelling and hotel masturbation times can be the most fun and memorable.

This time was going to be different, as I was to venture into a area that by some is considered taboo yet others find quite enjoyable. I was going to try to have an orgasm by prostate massage only. No hands stroking the cock!(I am getting hard just thinking about it again.) After some prior research about prostate massage, I chose a device to use that seemed appropriate for what I wanted to do. The device was designed to fill the anatomical space and apply gentle pressure to the prostate in certain areas.

After reading the instructions I began my adventure into what is now an area of discovered pleasure and satisfaction that words can't describe! I always like to have the room dark with a little soft light to set the mood. I showered first and took some time to unwind, as my stress level was pretty high from work. It had been several days since my last release with my wife as we had not had time for sex given our schedules. I got completely undressed, turned down the bed, had my massage device and lube handy.

As I lay on the bed, I turned on to my left side and brought my left knee up to my chest leaving my right leg outstretched. This opened my butt checks and exposed my anus where I could easily reach it. I then placed a lot of lube at the top of my crack and allowed it to run down until it reach my hole. I then used the device to rub the lube all around my now tight anus area. Even trying to relax, I found that I was tensing up as I was not sure how this would feel. I let the device become wet with the lube and gently began pushing it in my anus. Each time I pushed, I would bare down a little like I was using the restroom or like your doctor tells you to do when he checks your prostate. After several minutes of gently pushing and applying lube I pushed past my tight sphincter muscles and was in!

I let the device just stay in place as I felt the pressure on my prostate gland. My cock was hard but became rock hard like never before. I enjoyed staying in this position for some time just contracting and releasing my sphincter muscles which allowed the device to move over my prostate's pleasure area with ease. As I began to feel the warmth in my anus, I felt my cock get warm with a sensation that was concentrated just in my shaft, balls, and taint area. I could tell that pre-cum was rising up inside me.

After a few more moments like this, I turned on my back and placed a pillow under my lower back and top of my butt checks so that my anus and the device was not pressing on the bed. I was still contracting my anus muscles but with more frequency and my cock was really hot and hard. It even felt longer than my normal 5 inch erection. I was doing all I could not to touch my hands to my shaft and stroke away. I started moving my hips from left to right which allowed my cock to sway and touch the sides of my abdomen. At one time I was really moving so hard you could here my meat make those familiar jerk-off sounds from contacting other skin.

As I felt my whole body swell with warmth and pleasure, I slowed down a little not wanting to come too quickly. By now pre-cum was really flowing down my cock. I did take my finger, wiped it away, and gave myself a taste. It tasted the same but the smell of musk was in the air. I guess my anus and pubic glands were really emitting and odor. I was sweating so much that the sheets were now wet on the bed. At this time I started pumping the air like I was fucking a nice piece of ass all the while still letting the device move in and out. I helped it along with one free hand as the other hand I used to move over my body touching my nipples and inner thighs. I was moaning so loud and it felt so good that I did not care if the other hotel guests heard me.

Then it happened! A wave of orgasmic pleasure took over my body starting in my prostate and spreading down to my toes and up to my chest. I was breathing so heavy that I became scared that I might give myself a heart attack. Really sweating so much my hair was wet. It was the best ever sensation!! At that point I looked at my cock since I still had not had that cock orgasm feeling. No I had not released any cum but I knew I had a big climax!

I then broke my rule and stroked my cock like this would be the last time ever. And boy did I have another giant orgasm sending ropes of cum after cum. I have not shot off like that since I was in my late teens and early twenties. My whole body was throbbing and moving with each release. I thought the fluid would not stop! When it did there was cum everywhere. On my chest, in my belly button, on my cock and pubic region. I was so exhausted but in a good way. I was in no rush to clean up but just rubbed my body with my cum and said to myself that this would not be the last time this occurred.

As I pulled the device from my anus, I could tell it left it slightly stretched and open. I then turned on my stomach and for a moment thought to myself what it would be like to have a hard dick waiting to fill the hole and receive the pleasure I just experienced from something other than an inanimate object. But, I guess that will be for another time! I repeated this two days later before I returned home. Can't wait until the next trip alone to a hotel. Hope you guys are not in the next room but if you are....join in and let me hear you!



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