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Friends of mine, let's call them Jack & Jill, were expanding their deck. They have a house in the country and no neighbors. They asked me to help. The plan was for Jill to sand the deck while Jack and I built the expansion.

Jack had already set the supports. We just had to get the deck built. I showed up and we dived right in on the project. Jill came out later and began sanding the old deck. Jack got a smirk on his face and I asked him what was up. He told me Jill is the sanding expert and enjoys it a bit too much. He told me to glance over there every once in a while. I would see what he meant.

I didn't notice anything unusual at first. Then I realized the sander was getting closer and closer to Jill's thighs. In fact, at one point I thought she was sitting on it. I had read stories about women getting off to things that vibrate, but I never expected to ever see it for myself. I didn't stare and certainly didn't say anything. She was certainly taking her time with the sanding.

We didn't get done, so I agreed to come over the next day. But that morning, Jack called and said he had been called into work. I said no problem, I would go over and do what I could. I didn't have any plans anyway.

I got there and rang the doorbell. No answer. So I went around the back. I could hear the sander going and sure enough Jill was practically on top of it.

I said hello and it kind of startled her. I walked up on the deck and she told me I owed her one. I said for what? Jill said she knew I was watching her yesterday and appeared to enjoy seeing her sanding again this morning. She felt since I got a little show from her, she deserved one from me.

I said no way. First, I didn't really see anything, she was fully clothed. As far as I knew, she was only sanding. I said I would be happy to return the favor, but there was no 'show.'

Famous last words. She said ok, I'll put on a show for you, then you put on a show for me. I didn't know what to say. She went inside and came back out with a cup of coffee and practically pushed me into a chair on the deck.

As I took a sip of coffee, she slipped out of her shorts. I figured it was just a joke, something to make me sweat a little. Surely she had on panties or even a bikini bottom under the t-shirt. I was stunned when she turned around and mooned me. No panties or anything. She then turned back around and pulled the t-shirt over her head. My jaw must have dropped. She giggled, tossed the shirt at me and stood there totally naked.

She then fired up the larger sander and put it on a scrap board. Didn't want to ruin the deck, she said. This time, there was no pretense. She wasn't about to sand the board. She wanted to give herself an orgasm. She began rubbing her clit with the machine, letting its vibrations work on her. Little by little she edged closer until she was on top of it, humping breathing heavy. She slipped her fingers between her legs and I could see them covered in her juices. She licked them, then returned to riding the sander. After a while, Jill stopped and picked up a smaller sander. She again ran her fingers thruogh her wet lips and this time stuck her fingers in my mouth. She lay on her back and started the little sander. Jill placed it between her legs and started moving it back and forth. It didn't take long until she was near the end. She began moaning and gasping and them a soft coo. Jill had come and the sanders were covered with her sticky sweetness.

I was hard as a rock. Jill jumped up and said your turn and began pulling my shirt over my head. As I got it off the rest of the way, she began working on my buckle and then the zipper of my pants. She stroked my cock through my jeans and said I want to watch you cum. Don't catch it, let it squirt.

The next thing I knew I was naked in the chair, my hand slowly gliding up and down my shaft. Jill didn't get dressed, which only added to my arousal. She sat across from me, her hand playing with her still wet pussy. I slowly picked up speed. I wanted this to last, so I would slow down when I got to close to coming. After a while, there was no use. I couldn't hold back. I began stroking harder and faster, my cock swollen to its full length. Now I was the one breathing faster, a small moan escaping my mouth as I shot my load.

I had arched my back, the cum landing on my legs and stomach, but mostly coating the hand that was still pumping my cock. I licked some off my hand, letting Jill have a taste too. Jill softly stroked my thigh and said that was great.

That's when I about had a stroke. The sliding glass door opened up and out walked Jack. He was nude too. Jill got up and gave him a kiss. I didn't know what to do. They both looked at me and smiled. They explained that this was a fantasy of theirs and Jack knew I would help them carry it out. We have a mutual friend who told him I post things on this website. Jack and Jill had been reading them and came up with this idea. Jill could get off in front of me on a sander, then get me to jack off for her. The entire time, Jack was upstairs where he could see the whole thing, jacking off himself. He admitted he really got turned on watching his wife watch me. That's when Jill asked for a double feature. Needless to say we focussed more on dick than deck that day.



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