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Decent Exposure

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If you have never driven around in your car butt naked and exposing yourself to pretty young women you are missing out on a real pleasure. I have been doing it since I was about 15. The girl that lived next door to me got me started. She came over one day with a friend from school that I did not know. She said she had told her friend how I would let her watch me jackoff and her friend said she had never seen a guy do that before. I took my clothes off and they sat on either side of me and were almost sitting on top of me. The girl that lived next door told her friend to rub my leg and she started playing with my balls. It only took me about five minutes and I was squirting all over myself and on both their hands. The girl next door told her friend to lick it off her hand to see what it tasted like. They both said they would do it if the other one did. They both did it and said it tasted good. They both said they wanted to see me do it again soon and that got me started exposing myself and still do to this day.
I was driving around in my car butt naked, cock rings on (I use three girls pony tail bands. Keeps good even pressure and makes my cock really swell up) lubed up and stroking away. I had pulled up beside several young women walking to their cars in the shopping center parking lot and let them see me. Most women just turn away quickly and keep going. Others take a longer look.
I spotted this very attractive young woman, about 17 or 18, getting into a mini truck. I followed her out of the parking lot and got along side of her as soon as I could. She looked down and saw me jacking off and just stayed right beside me. We drove for a few blocks and caught a red light. She stopped right beside me even though there was several open spaces in front of her in her lane. The light changed and she stayed beside me again, matching my speed exactly. I decided to go for broke and pulled into another store parking lot. I pulled out to the edge of the lot and parked. I looked in my mirror and sure enough she had followed me into the lot. She pulled up and parked right beside me on the passenger side. She shut off her truck and leaned down and put her chin down on her folded arms on the window. That gave her eye to eye contact with me. She would only glance up at my eyes and move her eyes right back to my cock. I slowed down my stroke so I could enjoy every second of this beauty watching me.
She showed no evidence of getting impatient so I just relaxed and enjoyed myself. I must have stroked my cock for about 30 minutes with this beautiful creature giving me her full attention. Finally I just couldn't take it any longer and felt a surge of power coming from deep inside my prostate and balls. My asshole contracted and I started pumping out the cum. I shot 4 or 5 shots straight up in the air then it just started running out of my cock like a river. When I looked at her she had raised her head up and was holding onto the window with both hands like a death grip. I kept stroking my cock until every last drop had come out. I stopped stroking but gripped my cock at the base and pushed the full 8 inches straight up and proud. She put her hands together and gave me a soft round of applause. She looked me right in the eyes, blew me a kiss and drove away.
I have had so many great experiences like this that I have a chronicle of memories to keep my jackoff fantasies going forever.



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