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Deceiving Each Other

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This is not an easy thing for me to admit but I have known for more than a year now that my Aunt's husband Doug has been spying on me. I've lived with them since I moved into there house right after high school. He's probably been doing this since I did move in which was July 2007. He owns a vending machine company and I still work for him and live in the same house even though my Aunt Dottie died in 2009. Both of them always treated me extremely well and when she died Doug insisted I continue living here. It wasn't until many months later that I accidently discovered that Doug had made peeking holes both into my bathroom and bedroom.


The spare bedroom next to my bath and bedroom is used as an office since he runs the business from home. There is a large closet in there that contains stationary and vending parts mostly coin and bill slots. On the wall are maps of vending locations. In the years I had lived there I was only in that closet one other time. I needed copy paper one Friday, so I went into the closet. Doug was away for the weekend and I knocked one of the maps off the wall. It was in a large frame and I first feared I had broken the glass. As I picked it up to put it back on the wall there was a small fake vent and I could see right into my bedroom. I think I was stunned about it and began looking behind all three of the maps and it only got worse. Under the end map was about a 5'x5' window which was somewhere on the mirror in my bathroom. The whole room was visible including the shower sink and part of the toilet. I am sure my Aunt Dottie never knew about this and I was very upset at first to say the least and almost sick at my stomach.

I was never aware or ever even thought about anyone peeking in at me, let alone Doug. I immediately realized he had seen me do everything at one time or another and heaven knows how many times he had seen me naked. I have had different boyfriends off and on but thankfully none had ever stayed in my room. Over that weekend I couldn't stop thinking about everything Doug had seen me do. Everything from using the toilet, showering, masturbating or even tending to my periods. I wondered how many times he watched me shower or how often he watched me dress or undress. I never once suspected that vent in my bedroom was fake and then realized he had seen me masturbating many times and knew I used a vibrator often. In my bathroom I figured out that the lower right corner of the mirror was the see through part he had cut out and was slightly relieved that most of the toilet wasn't in view from the closet. My anger and humiliation diminished over the weekend but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I couldn't make up my mind whether to just smack him when he came home on that Monday or at the very least confront him about it. As it worked out I never saw him until Monday night and never said a word to him. He must have seen I was mad or upset with him and even when he asked me what was wrong I never said anything about it. Then he left for dinner with one of his clients.

I began thinking I was crazy because the idea of him seeing me naked all that time started to become titilating to me. The thought of him seeing me masturbate all of a sudden became arousing to me rather than embarrassing. I think I was still angry about it but couldn't help feeling turned on by the aspect of him seeing me naked. I even thought about all the trouble he went to and remembered how he fixed up my bedroom and bathroom for me when I first moved in. He had to see everything even when I shaved my legs, underarms and in summer months my pubic hair. I began thinking of myself as an exibitionist and now realize that is what I have become.

I have still never let on to him that I know he is spying on me. He works many hours some weeks so I have found myself accomodating his schedule and even announcing to him when I am going to shower or go to bed for the night. I crack my door open slightly just to see when he goes into the office and now crave for him to see me. I seldom ever masturbated in the shower but now I do sometimes because I know he is watching me. I purposely shave my pubic hair more often knowing his eyes are on me and am aroused by the thought of it. He is wonderful to me and aside from peeping in at me otherwise treats me like a daughter.

This July I will have lived here for four years not knowing at first what he was doing. Since I have found out it has become so arousing to me I look forward to having him see me naked and especially as I masturbate. I recall feeling sorry for Doug over these years and thought he was working and doing paper work in his office all the time. Even when my Aunt Dottie was still alive he always locked his office door. Now of course I know why he did lock it. In a way it has become comical to me because many times when I tell him I'm going to shower or go to bed, he will reply back that if I need him he'll be in his office. I wonder if he masturbates while watching me and know for a fact he sees me naked almost every night. I masturbate more than ever and since I know he watches me I leave extra lights on most of the time. I have seen him in his underwear many times but have never seen him naked. Since Aunt Dottie died he is in his underwear more often and usually in his office only wearing his boxers. He even asked me several times if I minded that he was in his boxer shorts which I don't mind at all. He never speaks to me about sexual things and is very respectful of me even though I know how he peeks in on me all the time. I'm not quite sure why it excites me so much but when I am sure he is watching me, not only are my orgasms stronger but I have several each time.

I'm sure I make a fool of myself sometime just by the variety of ways I masturbate for him or react to an orgasm. I have searched many websites to find methods of masturbation I never did before. I have both vaginal and anal sextoys aside from my vibrator and can't imagine what Doug thinks of me. He probably thinks I am some kind of sex freak but at the same time I don't know how he satisfies himself while watching me. He hasn't dated since my Aunt Dottie died, that I know of, so I assume he masturbates as well. I do have a boyfriend but am also completely satisfied exposing myself to Doug. Its an odd way of sexual satisfaction I know and something I had never thought myself capable of doing. I talk to and have conversations with Doug everyday and when we speak to each other its like nothing is going on between us. In reality nothing is, except our own deception of each other. He thinks I don't know what he is doing and I never hint or let on that I do.



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