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Deb's Dad

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Two men having a good relaxing time with their cocks. What could be more fun with a buddy.


Deb and I were neighbors and grew up like brother and sister. Deb lived with her dad and I lived with my mom. Deb's dad was a supervisor at a major airline. Long hours, high stress. I spent a lot of time at their house and knew when he got home from work he'd go up to his bedroom, shut the door and unwind.

When he did come downstairs he often wore just a pair of bikini type underwear. Strange maybe, but they weren't any skimpier than the swimsuits many of the dads and other men wore at the community pool that we lived at in the summer. 

I was fascinated by his body the same way I was fascinated by all the naked bodies of the boys in my school locker rooms. The different body types, the different sizes of their cocks and balls. The smells of sweat, jockstraps, and soap and deodorant were like an aphrodesiac. I looked forward to the casual nudity and comraderie after gym classes. 

No surprise I fantasized about seeing Deb's dad completely naked. I knew when he was in his room he laid on his bed reading or watching TV. I'd knock on his door to ask him a question or ask permission to take Deb somewhere. I'd go in his room and the sheet was pulled to the level of his bushy pubic hair. Clearly, he was nude underneath and the outline bulge of his sizeable dick and balls was obvious. I couldn't help but steal glances at the bulge while talking. He had to know but never said anything. He was one of the many fantasies I jacked off to daily. 

When Deb and I graduated, my mother moved East and Deb and I went to different colleges. On a break I mentioned to her I wanted go back to visit our remaining pals in the neighborhood but no longer had a place to stay. I was pleasantly surprised when Deb's dad called me and invited me to stay at his house. I looked forward to spending time with him, just he and me.

When I arrived Deb's dad gave me a big tight hug. He seemed genuinely happy to see me. Immediately I felt like we were friends, not a kid and a friend's parent anymore. 

He had just arrived from work and our conversation led to the guest room then to his bedroom. He began casually undressing. His tie, belt, dress shirt, undershirt all came off and he tossed them toward a chair in the corner. Chatting continuously, he sat on the bed and removed his socks then stood up, unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to his ankles and stepped out. 

I was more than turned on and my gut was trembling inside with the sight of him. He now had only white briefs. He said it felt good to get out of work clothes. He reached to the dresser and handed me a key ring. They were spare gate and house keys. His house was my house. He excused himself and went into the bathroom. I heard him pissing and instantly pictured his bare round ass, legs in wide stance holding his big soft tube in his hand while he pissed. 

When he came out he had lost the briefs and finally seeing him butt naked took my breath away, literally. Deb's dad reached down and pulled on his cock and balls gently. 'Ahh, I can breathe now.'

This was what he did every day after work and I finally was privvy. I was fully hard under my jeans by now and no doubt developing a wet spot of precum. He turned on the TV and reclined naked on his bed asking if I had plans. No, I responded trying to be cool. 'Good.' he said, 'I'm just gonna watch some TV if you wanna join me. I couldn't agree quickly enough.

He said he'd go get some drinks and be right back. There was that ass walking away. I was blown away. 'Oh, And Rich, why don't you go get comfortable.'

Not sure what comfortable meant I came back in my own white briefs. I was fully erect so I moved my cock to where it was sticking straight up in my shorts. It didn't hide my hard on.

He returned with ice teas, dick swinging slightly back and forth. Hard or not I was impressed and couldn't take my eyes off his crotch. He sat up in bed resting on the backboard. He looked over at my stiff cock and said, 'Why don't you lose the shorts and let that thing breathe.' he motioned to me to join him on his bed. No secret I was fully aroused so what the hell. I stripped and sat next to him. He openly looked at my erection. 'Glad your comfortable.' His cock began growing and within seconds was fully hard. He began slowly fisting his hard on like it was perfectly natural to jack off next to another man. I pulled on my balls then began jacking off too. 

There was no hurry. We enjoyed the mutual self stimulation chatting about various stuff. We never said anything about what we were doing but both of us watched each other enjoying the show. After about forty five minutes of laid back working our cocks and balls he said he was ready. He sped up the pumping and with a deep throaty growl spewed several streams of thick white jizz. He aimed his cum back on his abdomen and kept stroking prolonging the pleasure of the orgasm. I wasn't far behind and within seconds had my own blast of cum spurting out reaching my pecs. My legs jerked as the sticky juice kept spilling out.

After recovering, Deb's dad said after divorcing Deb's mom he dated other women but also had a couple of jerk off buddies from work and even another dad from the neighborhood. He'd known for years I was attracted to men and knew a jack off session together would be something I'd enjoy. He was right.

In fact, I've been masturbating to the memory ever since. I've got some time before work and I'm going to spend some time enjoying my cock and think about Deb's dad and maybe y'all joining me in a good strong toe curling cum.  



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