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Debra's Panties

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Debra's panties turn me on like nothing I have ever experienced. The first time I ever picked up a pair of Debra's panties was when she was thirteen years old. She was such a beautiful child and so sexy at that age. I had never smelled panties of someone that young but I just had to try to see what a young girl's panties smelled like. The odor of her young pussy was there and it smelled wonderful.

I continued sniffing Debra's panties as she got older. By the time she was fourteen she had developed into a thing of beauty and was one hot girl. Her little breasts had budded out and her ass had taken on the shape of someone that was quickly turning into a woman. Also, by that point it was not unusual to find some of her black pubic hair stuck in her dried pussy juice.

I remember one day finding a pair of her panties when she was fourteen and it was the first time that the crotch was filled with dried juice. It let me know that Debra was now felling the effects of sexual desires. There was no doubt that her pussy had been extremely wet when she had that pair of panties on. I wondered if she had by chance masturbated in them. I remember licking and sucking the dried juice from her panties. I rubbed the crotch over my hard dick before I jacked off. I kept that particular pair of panties because they had so much odor in them. They gave me several great jack off sessions before I had cleaned the crotch completely of her juice. I often wondered if she ever missed those panties because they were a fancy pair.

Another time I recall is when Debra was sixteen. She was spending a week with us. One morning I found a pair of her panties a few minutes after she took them off. The crotch was again filled with her pussy juice but this time it was still wet. I remember pulling the foreskin of my dick back uncovering the head and coating the head of my dick with her slick juice. I was so hot that I came while I was massaging her cum onto my dick head.

Over the years I have taken several pairs of Debra's panties for later enjoyment and they all brought me great enjoyment.

Time passed and Debra and I got closer. She turned eighteen and her pussy smelled even better then than it did when she was thirteen.

Fast forward until Debra was in her thirties. I still smelled and licked and jacked off with her panties as often as I could. I noticed one day that I was no longer finding any pussy hair in her dried juice. One day I asked her if she shaved her pussy. We had become that close. She told me that she did not shave her pussy but had thought about it because she had so much hair down there. She wanted to know why I asked and I told her that I just wondered. I went on to say that I hated it when women shave their pussy. That same day I jacked off with a pair of her dirty panties and shot my cum into the crotch of a clean pair of her panties.

Debra is now forty years old and I still jack off with her panties. And I still shoot my cum into her clean panties. I have even felt of her pussy and rubbed it through her panties a few times. She will not let me go any farther than feeling of it. I want so badly to tell her how many times I have licked and sucked on the crotch of her panties and shot my cum into her clean panties but I am afraid she would not understand. She knows I love her and she tells me that she loves me more than anyone else in the world. But she will not allow our relationship to advance from where it is because of who we are. I want so much to see her naked and spread those lips and look into her pussy. I want so much to kiss it and smell it but I am afraid it will never happen. You see, I am married to Debra's aunt.



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