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Deb Responds

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Deb Responds
This is in reference to your story Cumming in Deb's Panties. (click here to read that first). I told my uncle I was going to write it.
My uncle told me about writing to you about the day I caught him in an embarrassing position. After you posted it on your site he called me and told me how to find it. It really turned me on reading it. I would like to share my version and I hope you will post it also.
I well remember the day I walked in on him in our bathroom. To say that I was shocked is an understatement. I knew he had left the room where we were all sitting but I had no idea he was in the bathroom. I had to pee really bad so I got up and walked down the hall and just barged right in on him. The door was closed but I didn't think anything about it. When I walked in the first thing I saw was his hard cock. I actually saw a big spurt of cum come flying out. It took me a second to realize the white material in his hand was my panties. As soon as I realized what he was doing I backed up and pulled the door closed behind me. I was really scared and nervous so I didn't want to go back to the room where my mom and dad and aunt were sitting. I went straight to my bedroom. I was hoping he would leave the bathroom and go directly back to the den but as he told you he didn't. As he explained, I promised him I would not tell anyone about what I had seen. He didn't realize it but I would have been too embarrassed to have told anyone.
That night as I lay in bed I could think of nothing else. Let me say now that I may have been only 15 years old at the time but I was not an innocent little girl. I had done my share of wild things. I lost my virginity when I was 13 and I had had sex with a lot of boys by the time I was 15. I had never had sex with an older guy and had not even thought about it. But I did think about it that night. I think I developed a little early because I started masturbating when I was 10 years old. It felt good when I rubbed my clit. At first I didn't have orgasms but that did not stop me from feeling good. Around 12 I started having orgasms and I really got into masturbating after that. I spent a lot of time playing with my pussy during the next year. Then I started having sex and I stopped masturbating as much as I had been. But I masturbated big time that night after seeing my uncle. I lay there and imagined what it would be like to have sex with an older more experienced man. My uncle had always been one of my favorite people and I imagined him fucking me as I rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy. I had several orgasms that night as I recalled his hard cock. Somehow it made me feel more grown up thinking about doing it with an older guy. I had never even thought about someone doing anything with a girl's panties before that day. My uncle will not know this until he reads this but I masturbated many nights over the next several years thinking about seeing him cock and seeing him masturbating in my panties. I still do today. I also found many pairs of my panties that had his dried cum in them.
He told you about me giving him a pair of my panties. My husband was out of town for a couple of nights prior to that and I was in a really horny mood. One night after I got our two kids to sleep I went to my bedroom and took everything off except my panties and lay on the bed and started playing with myself. My husband had bought several dildos since we married and we like to use them. One is called an anal probe and is about a foot long and real slender. I love to put it in my ass because it does not hurt going in. We have two more that he likes to use in my pussy. One is short and fat, about 5 inches long. The other one is fat but is about 9 inches long, a little large for me but will fit if you work at it. Anyway, after I lay down I pulled my panties down and inserted the long anal probe in my asshole and then took the short fat dildo and pushed it into my pussy. I then pulled my panties back up and lay there and rubbed my clit through my panties. It felt so wonderful, the direct stimulation of my clit and the feeling of being completely filled at the same time. I closed my eyes and pretended my uncle had his cock inside me. It didn't take long until my pussy was soaking wet as were my panties. I had several really great orgasms and by the time I finished masturbating my panties were soaked with my juice. While I was masturbating I knew I was going to give the panties to my uncle if I could get up enough courage to do so. The next day he came by to visit us and I decided to do it and I am very happy I did.
I also want to tell him this. If he wasn't married to my aunt I would take him down and ball his brains out. I know we can never do anything like that but that does not stop me from fantasizing about it. I do love him very much and it's nice to have someone you can trust to share some naughty things with ever now and then, things you really don't want to share with your husband. Who knows, we might even get together sometimes and watch each other masturbate. I really don't see any harm it doing that. I would love to watch him jack off and I think it would be so hot to let him watch me while I played with myself.



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