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Dear 'Stroker'

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[Thank you for your comment on my story 'Roommates.']


About two nights ago:

I was particularly horny that night anyway. I masturbated in the shower, in fact. He wasn't home when I got into the shower, but when I got back into my room and signed onto instant messenger, he asked 'Where are you?' I told him I'm in my room, and he told me to come out, but I told him I was naked. (I always hang out naked for a while after showers unless I'm in a hurry to get somewhere.) I guess he didn't believe me. He threatened to come in, and I said, 'Fine, but seriously, I'm butt nekkid!' He knocked. I pulled the comforter over my body. He came in.

First, he sat in my chair facing the other way, but after a few minutes, he came down and joined me on the bed. He was lying across my legs, perpendicular to me, but it didn't take long for my legs to fall asleep/my desire to prompt me to ask him to lift his legs so I could readjust. One of my legs went behind him, and the other in front . . . and where did his leg land when he put it back down? RIGHT across my (wet!) vagina. Of course, the comforter was between us, so he couldn't tell, but I hope he was imagining what he was doing to me. I kept thinking it was coincidental, but there was no reason he couldn't have kept his legs straight out like they were before. The left leg was still straight out, but the right one was pressed up against me. We stayed like that for another half hour or so. Oh, goodness. But then it got to be about one in the morning, and we both still had work to do for class at nine, so he left me wet and trembling.

Then, the next night, I followed him back to his bedroom when he came home from work. We talked about the day, and I was standing in the doorway. When he left his room to go get something to eat, as he was passing me in the doorway, he reached down and quickly (so quickly) grabbed my crotch! Just grabbed it, looked at me, and kept walking. I think I yelled 'Hey!' as an automatic response of surprise, but then I just stood there for a minute blindsided by it before I could stumble back into my room and reflect on it. I've been thinking about it on and off every day since then.

I know this isn't a particularly sexy story, but it's very exciting for me. It's wonderful to lie in bed at night, thinking about all the pleasure he (indirectly?) gives me, and wonder if he's going to walk in any minute.

Maybe I WILL make the next move. I'll let you know.



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