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Dear Emma

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Emma is my next door neighbour. She and I grew up together, went through puberty together and went to school together, the only thing is, we never 'went' together.


Dear Emma,

I am writing this because I would never have the courage to tell you to your face how much you mean to me.

Did you know how envious I was of you when you were younger and you had breasts, even then. They were visible buds under your school t shirt, and when we got changed for pe or swimming, did you notice how much I stared at you, especially on those days when you didn't wear your trainer bra? Oh, and that day when I saw that you had a patch of darker and coarser hair over your mound, what a day that was! Over the next few months, I saw your pussy disappear from view!

Of course we laughed and joked about boys, and about masturbation. I smiled and went along with it, but did you know how much, that night when we were 13, that I wanted you to show me how you masturbated? I went to bed that night so wet. We lay in our separate beds in your room and I listened in the night so hard. You sighed, moaned, and moved around so much I was sure you were jilling, but I daren't join in because, you see, I knew by then that when I did it, I make a lot of noise, and I flood with wetness when I cum.

Oh, Emma, when we were 14, some of our friends decided they were lesbian. They weren't of course, but we talked endlessly about how 'grown up' it would be to kiss another girl and to touch her. It was you who said 'I guess I wouldn't mind licking a girl out.' Damn, I nearly fainted on the spot. You never guessed for a moment I would have let you do that to me there and then.

Then, still 14 you found boys. Of course, I had already found you. You never guessed did you, that it was me who was stealing your panties from your laundry hamper? I know you thought it was your pervy little brother, but it was me all along. I would take them home. At first, I would wear them. I wanted to be as close to you as possible, but soon, I started to lick them and smell you on them. You made me cum so many times with my face pressed to your pussy and you never knew it.

Even when I took a pair that you had been fucked in. (Yes, I knew you were fucking your guy even though you were only 14, AND I knew he was much MUCH older.) It was interesting to smell sperm mixed with you, but what I really wanted was just you.

So, many times in school, I saw you naked in the showers, a couple of times, I watched you pee in the showers and wished you would do it all over me. I would stand where you stood, and put my feet in the little puddle of piss you left in the showers. I would inhale your sweaty scent, and sometimes, you remember when I would skip games?? I would tell the teacher I had a period, but really I would be in the changing rooms breathing in your scent. I loved it on those hot summer days when you would be all sweaty, and, of course, your panties were always a delight.

Emma, I have jilled off over you more times than I can count. I have smelled your pussy, licked your wetness from your panties, and even worn your cunt stains tight up against my own. I creamed into your panties and mixed my wetness with yours.

I am jilling now as I write to you, with your latest stolen offering in my hand. They are those green cotton ones that you don't like very much and it is the end of the school day. You have been feeling horny today haven't you? I can smell your cunt, Oh Emma!! and a faint smell of piss too. Ohh Emma, you are going to make me cum again.

At the precise moment I cum, these panties are going up inside me. I would love it to be your fingers.

As my orgasm builds, I can see you in your garden, Ohhh my Goddddd its comming.

Emma, I want you so much, I want you to use my body, I want to be everything to you. Tonight, after dinner, I am going to leave my panties in your room. Please, oh please Emma, masturbate into them for me, or even pee in them. I don't mind.





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