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Dealing With My Son's Arousal

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I am a divorced mother of a 15 year old son. Since my divorce four years ago, I have been very concerned about my son's emotional development and his sexual development as well since one of the reasons his father and I divorced was that I found out to my total surprise that his father was bi-sexual and had been seeing a young man without my knowledge for almost two years. I am pleased to discover this sight for insite into the sexual development of young men and I appreciate any information I can get. About a month ago, my son began 'decorating' the walls of his room with photos of naked women that he downloaded from his computer. When I asked him why he was doing this he said to me 'It gives me stuff to look at when I [masturbate].' (He used a vulgar expression which I find extrememly unpleasant.) I said I thought all the pictures made his room look very 'cheap' and 'weird.' We got into a verbal exchange that was very unpleasant and at one point he acdtually said 'If you let me see you naked I'll let you watch me [masturbate] and I'll take down the pictures.' I must have turned red as a beet because he has never spoken to me that way and I was extremely embarrassed. But, thinking of my ex-husband, I asked him, 'Is that what you really want? To see your mother naked?' He said he did and without my saying anything more, he quickly took off his pants and shorts and revealed a very rigid, throbbing erection. I was extremely embarrassed, I had not seen his penis since he was much younger, and I was literally taken aback. I must have stared a little longer than I should have because he said to me 'I've shown you mine, now you show me yours.'He began stroking his penis with one hand and playing with his balls with the other hand, and I know I should have walked out of his room, but I did something that I now have some serious regrets about but which seemed ok then. I began taking off my clothes and letting him 'direct me' on what should come off and how slowly. When I got down to my panties, he said 'Take them off really slowly, mom. I want to see your hair coming up a little bit at a time.' By the time my panties were off and I was standing in front of him, completely naked, he was pumping his penis feverishly, his face was flushed and he said he was going to come. He ejaculated onto his bedspread. After this, I got dressed and he took down the photos from his walls. Since that time, we have repeated this only three times. The last time he let me massage his back while he stroked his penis. He said that was the most intense orgams he had ever had. At this point, I am wrestling with the question of whether I should stop being so involved with his arousals or continue the way we have been. I just don't want this all to lead to anything more 'involving' which I know I will surely regret (and which will obviously be a great problem for both of us).



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