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Days off With My Brother-in-Law

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As a veterinarian, I spend most of the week in the countryside visiting animals in farms I work with. On the end of the summer and as one of my clients had some problems with a neighbor, I ask my sister's husband Matt, who is a lawyer, to come with me and try to solve them. As he was a little bit stressed, he was pleased to spend some time off work and away home and have some time to sleep and rest. He is a great guy, we get on very well and I have known him since I was 12 years old. He is 40 now and I am 28. We are both married and he has two kids.

We left after Matt's work, had dinner on our way and arrived at night. We stayed in one of farms, where the owners gave us a little house that was so far away from their home that we need the car to go there. The house was a one room construction: everything was there, the kitchen, the table, three beds. The bathroom was another room. The place was clean and nice. We chatted for a while and turned off the lights.

The next morning I woke up early and Matt continued sleeping. It was quite cloudy and it looked as if it was going to rain. At noon I returned and we were eating something when it started to rain.

I was not going out again and we postponed the meeting for the next day, so I said I was having a nap. Matt went to bed too but only to read. We took off the shoes and pants and went to bed. I was with my briefs and shirt and Matt was in his boxes and t-shirt.

We started to talk about work, life and so on and the conversation turned to sex. We talked about how our sex life changed after getting married. I told him that I used to fuck more before the wedding and he told me he didn't even remember when the last time he had sex was. He confessed that he started to masturbate a lot some years ago watching porn in the web, something that he really enjoyed and that relieved him. I said that I had never given up jacking off because that one of the things I love the most in this world! We both laughed and made jokes about it. Then we exchanged experiences and techniques. As we talked, we both touched our dicks as to put things in its places. My dick was hard as a rock and I tried to hide it. I could see that his was soft.

After a while, we got up and he told me then that he was having a shower, so he took off the t-shirt and boxers and he went for his towel, soap and shampoo. I had seen him naked two or three times before but this time really shocked me.

He returned with the towel on his waist and asked me if I was going to have one. I said yes and I approached the bed, took off the clothes and headed to the bathroom. As my dick was semi hard, I covered it with the towel. When finished, I found him with a new pair of boxers on and making dinner. I put on new briefs and joined him.

After washing the dishes, we took the chairs outside to talk. Fortunately it finished raining and the night was clear and nice. He told me how much he needed this: no calls, no mails, no thoughts about work, the routine and he thanked me. I said that I thanked him because he was there just to help me. Suddenly, he said that the only thing that was missing on that perfect night was some porn, so the talk turned back to sex. We both agreed that there wasn't anything greater that to be naked at home, something that was impossible for him because of the kids and he told me that he was jealous I could do it. I said that my wife didn't like me to be nude at home. Making jokes and laughing he took off his boxers and he said that's better then, being naked at home was to be nude in nature. I approved of that and I took off my briefs.

I couldn't believe being in the middle of nowhere with my brother in law and both naked. The whole idea of it really turned me on. I noticed that his dick was totally soft and as he moved it balanced from one side to the other. Every once in a while he rubbed it or touched his balls. His uncut penis was perfect, it was long and fat. His balls were big and hanged just to where his dick finished. Although his whole body was quite hairy, he had not much hair down there. Without thinking, I asked the reason of it. The moment I finished the question, I regretted it and felt totally ashamed. He said he trimmed it once in a while and mostly on summer. He told me how he did it and showed it directly on his prick. He grabbed it, turned around, lifted, hold his nuts, etc. I couldn't understand how it didn't get hard. In the middle of the explanation, he lifted his head and asked: 'What is happening to you?' I didn't know what to say because I didn't know what was he talking about. Then he said: 'I think your dick is going to explode!' I didn't realize till then that it was hard as a rock. I was so embarrassed! I didn't know what to say or do! But he added: 'You should do something about it!' I was so confused and blocked I didn't understand anything. Fortunately, he told me he also would love a jack off.

He started to massage his penis and balls and pinching his nipples. His penis began to arouse and then he spat in his hand and rubbed the head. I couldn't believe it, everything was so hot!

After a while, he stood up and said: 'Are you ready? Let's cum together!' So I joined him and cummed on the grass. He did it seconds later. We laid in our chairs in silent. His dick looks enormous after cumming.

We had a little chat, went to bed and we slept naked. I left the next morning and left him sleeping. I picked him up to meet my client and his neighbor. He was great at the meeting and he arranged everything in less than an hour.

I left him on the way to the house because I had to see some animals and he wanted to walk back.

I get to the house early and I found nobody there. After half an hour or so, I saw him coming. He was wearing shorts and running shoes. He was sweating, his skin was a bit tan and he had a three days beard, he really looked great. He was in very good shape even though he has a sedentary work and much more years than me. He is very tall and slim. He had a small belly and his hair was starting to get grey.

When he got to the house, I told him I bought something to dinner and I showed him that I brought a porn DVD I found in the local gas station! I said we could watch them in my laptop. He started to laugh and he hugged me! He had a shower and I prepared dinner. While I had one myself, he stayed naked outside looking at the sunset.

The next day, I had only a few things to do in the morning and we planned to go back to the city after lunch, but I suggested to stay another day and returning home on Sunday. He didn't doubt it a second and called my sister. I called my wife and we hugged again.

While we ate, the sex issue was: cut and uncut penises. Mine is cut and his is uncut. So we discussed the pros and cons of it. He showed how his dick worked and I was so interested that I asked him if I could try it. I took it and gently pulled the skin back. It was so strange for me, not only to touch an uncut penis but to touch a guy's prick for the first time in my life. Again his dick was soft and mine fully erected! Dam it! I offered mine and he try to pull the skin to cover the glan. Then he caressed my balls, pinched one of my nipples and started to wank me. I stroked his dick and that made his dick get hard. After a while we both came over our bellies. We cleaned ourselves and rested some for some minutes and he said he was sure this would not be the one and only jack off of the night.

We got inside and put a DVD in the laptop. Sitting on my bed, we made comments about what we were watching. The film was not bad, the girls and guys were hot and the plot was as always stupid but funny. Our dicks were now soft and we talked about its sizes. He said he had never felt ashamed about it. I confessed that I felt a little embarrassed for being naked in front of other guys.

What I liked the most was when he took his penis by foreskin and stretched it. I said that to him and his dick started to get hard. Now we started to stroke again. We both got up and put our pricks together. He covered my glans with his foreskin. I love the sensation of touching his penis with mine.

The film was ending and I turned off the laptop. Then he took me and he pressed his body against mine and I felt his hard dick on mine. We repeated that many times and I took him to his bed and he laid over me. We moved as if we were fucking!!!! We both came at the same time and he rested over me some seconds. I was so pleased and relaxed. We laid on his bed for half an hour or so and then he said: 'Let's have a shower'. We showered together and after that we went out all naked and wet.

The conversation went back to his trimmed pubes and I asked him if he could cut mine. He agreed, so I gave him one of my scissors and he asked me to lie on my bed. He gently did his work moving my dick to a side or the other, lifting my balls and blowing the cut hairs away. When he finished, it looked bigger and neat. I like the sensation of the balls, I could feel its skin now.

He went to his bed and continued the talking with the lights off for hours.

The next day I left to finish some things and when I returned he was naked and reading outside and I joined him.

We had lunch and after that we went to the river to swim and there we had a mud fight. When it was getting dark, we got back to the house and he suggested having a shower outside with a hose and a bucket. So we did and it was really funny and sexy.

Then we had dinner and discussed what we could do on our last night together. I told him I really liked cumming being pressed by him so we went to his bed and start to stroke each other. He asked me to come over him and I laid on him and he started to massage my back and my butt cheeks, so I started to press again and I could feel his hard dick again. I felt I was close to cum so I rubbed a little more furiously this time, I cummed and a few seconds later he cummed too. Resting on him, we nearly fell asleep, so I went to my bed.

I got up with the sound of the shower. When he finished, I had one. We then had breakfast and prepared everything to get back to the city.

On our way back home, we talk about the wonderful days we spent together and tried to imagine how we could repeat them. We both know it was difficult but we could arrange a fishing trip or a guys camp some day. I really wish so!



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