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Day Four in Vegas

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After all, it is sin city.


So night three in Vegas was pretty awesome. I was caught jacking off in bed by my buddies girlfriend 'Jane'. But instead of being awkward, it ended up being damn exciting. Jane was so turned on she let me watch her Jill herself off and then we went to sleep.

Day four in Vegas. I was at least hoping for a repeat of what happened the night before, and by the looks Jane was giving me when we were all getting dressed that morning, I could tell she was thinking the same thoughts.

We all decided to drive the rental car to California to spend the day at Six Flags, and drive back that night. Jane and I flirted with each other all day at Six Flags. Winks and smiles. Looking each other up and down and undressing each other with our eyes. Needless to say, we were both horny as hell.

It was getting dark and Six Flags was ready to close so it was time to get going. I told my friend I would drive the three hours or so to get back since he drove to get there. We got to the car and loaded up. Me driving, my buddy in the passenger seat, Jane behind me, and my girlfriend behind my buddy.

We hit the freeway and started back for Vegas. The four of us made small talk for an hour or so. Jane and I made eyes at each other in the rear view mirror the whole time. Pretty boring drive, mostly empty pitch black desert. So eventually my girlfriend fell asleep. Jane laid down in the backseat with her head on the door armrest. I was bummed because I figured she was tired and was going to sleep some.

All of a sudden Jane's hand is rubbing against the outside of my left thigh. I glance over at my buddy, but he is just looking out of the passenger window. I'm wearing black Adidas tear aways (buttons from waist to ankle) and briefs under those.

Jane unbuttons a couple of buttons, and starts massaging my cock and balls on the outside of my briefs. My dick gets hard in seconds. I'm not worried about my buddy seeing anything because it's so dark inside the car. Jane takes her hand out of my pants, gets as close as she can to my ear and whispers for me to pull aside my briefs.

I take a quick look at my buddy and reach inside my pants and pull my underwear to the side. When Jane puts her hand back inside my pants I'm pretty surprised. Her hand is slick with lube.

She strokes my cock nice and slow for a good ten minutes. She feels the pre-cum on the head of my dick and knows I am close. She starts stroking it faster and I can feel my dick throbbing like a heart beating. I hold it as long as I can, and boom, it explodes inside my pants. A good five or six full squirts. It takes all of my concentration to keep from moaning and to keep the car straight on the road. I hear Jane whisper 'Oh my god'. It was pretty messy, but I'm totally shaved, so it was not as messy as it could have been.

Jane takes her hand out, and fakes a couple of sneezes and ask's her boyfriend for a few napkins from the glovebox. She sneeks a couple of napkins to me and I clean myself as best I can. Thankfully, my pants are dry for the most part by the time we get to the hotel in Vegas.

Needless to say, I owed her one, and I paid her back in full later that night. But that is another story. Until then, keep Jacking and Jilling.



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