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Day at the Mall

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I love this website!


So my wife, kids and I went to the mall this past weekend. Right after we got there I had to go to the bathroom. I go into a middle stall and almost immediately a guy comes into the stall to my left. There's the usual feeling you get knowing that he wants to mess around. I start stroking my cock and spread my legs out so he knows. I can see his shadow on the ground of him jacking off too. He leans over and looks under the stall so I turn so he can get a good view. He reaches underneath so I kneel down on the floor so he can stroke my cock. My balls are really big and he enjoys rubbing and squeezing them too. The door opens and so we resume position. Someone goes into the stall on my right. It's obvious he is there to use the bathroom because he is making some loud noises which is a turn off. So the guy leaves then I follow. When I go out I see him 'shopping' and he looks at me and smiles. Very cute with a great body. Now I see that he is skinny enough to bend over and watch me under the stall.

Anyway, my family is there waiting so we move on. I notice that he is following me. My family wants to go to a big dress shop and I'm not interested so I go into a store I like. I'm looking around and notice him outside the window. He looks at me and then disappears to the right. I wondered where he went so I go out of the store and there's a hallway to the bathrooms. I get excited and quickly follow. We resume our places and once again he is stroking my cock. It feels so good and I wish I could touch him. After some guys come and go he finally gets a long time to stroke my cock. I shoot a big load all over his hand and down his arm and all over the floor. Worried that my family may be looking for me I go out and catch up with them later on. We grab something to eat and they decided to go to another girly store. I decide to go check out the urinal action in the restroom and as I'm walking in I see my new friend. I take my place and look at the beautiful cocks hanging out doing their business and getting shook real good. My friend comes in and goes to the stall right behind me. I wait until the coast is clear and go in with him. I then get a chance to kiss him and feel his body. Very hot! He's from Germany and tells me he's here visiting friends. I pull his hard cock out of his jeans and boy is it big and uncut! He's already got the precum flowing as I take him in my hand and start jacking his monster meat off. I rub his nuts and then his abs as I'm working his cock and he starts breathing heavy. Knowing he's about to cum I quicken the pace. He lets out a low moan and starts shooting cum all over the toilet, the floor and my hand. We kissed again and I left.

About an hour later as my family and I were leaving one store we passed him and my wife mentioned something about his shirt. When we got home I told her about what happened with him. Then we got busy! That was some great sex that night!

I love going to the Mall!



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