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Day at the Beach & Beyond

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To the female: educating the male as to what pleases you is a great service to the male and to yourself.


A true story of my first intimate experience with a live female! I was in my early teens, probably 15, I know I didn't have my drivers license yet. I had been masturbating for years already, every since an older male cousin, one night while sleeping in the same room, told me 'rub your penis like this & it will feel real good!' I know it was early age because I remember rubbing myself to orgasm regularly even before I could achieve an erection & now all these years later it is still a good daily habit!
On to my story, I had always up until this day, been infatuated with the female physic, breast, virginal areas in particular but just the curvature and softness of the female in general always excited me. Using my imagination and magazine pictures of women's panties and bra advertisements, I could always work myself into the masturbation mind set. Same thing when I'd be so fortunate as to catch a glimpse of female assets while she might be bending over or crossing her legs, I'm sure that women would know what I was interested in but I tried not to be obviously gawking. Seeing a fine female & especially if I were to be so fortunate to have seen her intimate assets, that mental image would always lead to a nice masturbation session & the big 'O'.
So, on this particular day, some of the family, myself included as well as a female cousin who was over from the coast (she was older than me, in her late teens & home from college) decided to go to the lake for an afternoon/evening picnic/swim on a hot summer day. I had always admired my cousins very nice body whenever around her but that was not very often as we lived a couple hundred miles apart. On this day going to the lake I must have been quite animated and paying an extra amount of attention to her. When we got to the lake, we all went swimming to cool off & I particularly enjoyed this as generally the cold water of mountain lakes would cause the girls nipples to get hard & excite me (although the cold water generally caused my equipment to shrink like a prune!). After a while, everyone but my cousin & I got out of the water, me being the fish that I am, kept swimming around with the cousin & we talked, splashed & joked around about whatever. We were out off the beach a good ways & I decided to swim to the bottom (maybe 10 -12' deep) and grab a handful of clean small rocks off the bottom & upon surfacing, saw a perfect opportunity to mess with my cousin as her beautiful breasts were staring me in the face, I reached out and deposited the handful of pebbles down my cousins top between her lovely breasts (she had on a one piece swim suit) with which she smiled and let out a small scream. Then, my dream came true! She told me, 'now you have to get them out!' I'm like, YES MA'AM! I had never touch a women's breast or pubic area before other than in my mind so my senses were going wild as you can imagine. She let me explore around all her body in the guise of looking for these small pebbles under her suit. We finally got them out but not before I was comfortable with the knowledge that my cousin enjoyed my hands exploring her as
much as I enjoyed the exploration. She as well reciprocated by depositing pebbles in my swim suit that she had to get out while playing with my at attention penis. I think probably that this was the largest my dick has ever been in cold water! We had that type of fun for the rest of the day and returned home in the evening after dark.
I sat next to my cousin in the back seat on the way home, we were still in our wet swim suits and had a towel spread over our legs and crotch area to stay warm while making basic chit chat, when under the towel, I felt her take my hand and move it over to her virginal area where for the remainder of the trip home it stayed and played.
On the way home I convinced my folks to let me stay at my Grandmothers house for the night where my cousin just happened to be staying as well. The two bedrooms where we stayed in were upstairs alone. I didn't know what was going to happen next but sure knew what I hoped would happen. Once I knew the Grandparents downstairs were asleep, I snuck quietly next door to where the cousin was. I being somewhat modest had my underwear on, I knocked very lightly and went on into her room, and felt fairly sure that I'd be welcomed. Sure enough, on this hot evening, to my thrill, I found my slim, well endowed cousin awake & laying completely
naked under just a thin sheet. We made some small talk and knew what each other wanted, I felt very comfortable with her & proceeded to remove my underwear & expose my now rock hard dick then began to caress her body on top of the sheets then under the sheets, feeling for the first time, the exciting wetness of a Virginia, the softness of a breast and hardness of an erect nipple. I could have died at that moment and would have died a happy man! My cousin knew what she liked which excited me even more, she would take my hand and guide it to where and the way she wanted me to pay particular attention. Up until that moment, I had no idea that women were even able to give themselves an orgasm or that they even had orgasms at all! I guess that's how naive I was, this was truly a night of enlightenment beyond my wildest imagination! After much feeling around and playing with each other, I was in a state of blue balls and knew I really needed to cum. While on my knees between her legs, with one hand stroking my engorged member and the other continuing to feel her body & with her feeling my balls and guiding
my hand, I proceeded to have probably the biggest orgasm I've ever had, pumping my cum all over her body! After she let me fully enjoy my entire orgasm she than took my hand back to her very wet Virginia and explained to me what felt the best to her and how she wanted me to rub her, with her hand on top of mine she guided me and explained to me that the hard engorged ridge was where it felt best to her and wanted me to rub lightly there and around there while she guided my hand showing me what felt best to her. We continued to do this and her breathing became more rapid while making soft pleasure sounds, it wasn't long before she shuddered with multiple convulsions and gave me the wonderful experience of the female orgasmic pure pleasure for the first time!
The education I received that day/night served me well throughout my dating period and continues to
help me with pleasing my wife to this day.
I know this has been long but it was that first experience that was sooooo memorable, it takes many words to give the experience the respect it deserves!



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