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Day at My Hot Cousin's Pool

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I was 13, Stephanie was 16


At the time of this encounter I was 13. At my house we didn't have a pool so in the summers I would often go to my cousin Stephanie's house to use their pool. It wasn't much, just a small above ground pool with a small deck attached, but it was satisfactory enough for me.

That day my parents dropped me off there and wouldn't be back for a while. When I came to the door Stephanie greeted me and said to come in. Her parents where not home because they worked all day so it was just me and her. I asked if I could use the pool and she said sure and would also join me.

I have to say Stephanie was very hot. Nice slim body, smooth shaved legs, and perky breasts. I have had a thing for her for a while now.

I went into the bathroom, changed into my trunks, and went in the pool. The water was nice as always and I was very comfortable. A couple of minutes later Stephanie came out in a sexy swimming suit and joined me in the pool. She jumped in just to get herself wet and got on the innertube they had and bathed in the sun. I sort of just stared at her body for a while, for some reason she was so much more hotter at that moment than usual which started to give me a hard on.

Later on she got off the innertube and decided to swim around underwater. I was trapped. If I got out she would see my boner, but staying in she would see it underwater. When she went under I just froze, waiting for her to come up. Then I saw what I didn't want to see, her staring at it underwater. She came up and looked at me, not angrily, not disgusted, but calm and sorta happy. She started swimming around and said:

'I guess someone is excited'

I knew perfectly what she meant but still said:

'What exactly do you mean?'

'You know what I mean, I saw you staring at me on the innertube. So, do I turn you on that much?'

I couldn't lie, I was as red as brick so I said 'Yes'. I have never been in this situation with a girl before so I was sorta frightened, not know how she would react. She suprisingly said:

'Have you ever been with a girl before? Have you ever seen a girl naked in person?'

I was shocked, yet happy and excited at the same time. You see, their house was surrounded by trees, bushes and hedges; no one could see us from any angle. I answered both questions 'no' and waited to see what she would say next. The next thing she said my my hard on even harder. She siad:

'Well, do you want to see a girl naked?'

I said casually: 'Sure'

All of a sudden she reached to her back and bang, off came her bikini top. I just stood there fixated. She said:

'You like? I guess this is the first pair of these you have ever seen in person.'

I said happily: 'Yes, those are the first pair of boobs I have ever seen in front of me'

She giggled and said: 'Your funny. Well, now that I have shown you these I should probobly show you the whole deal.'

My heart was pounding. She got up on the small deck that was connected to the pool. She slowly began to take off her bikini bottom until she was bare naked. I just could not take my eyes off the beautiful sight of her pussy. I was at her beck and whim. She motioned me to come onto the deck and I did so fully revealing my hard on.

She asked:

'Have you ever masturbated before?'

I shook my head yes and said I did it a lot. She smiled and said:

'Have you ever wondered how a girl does it?'

At that moment I was so horny and instantly said 'Yes'. At that time I couldn't tell but looking back on it I could see her expression, she was horny as well. She said:

'Well, if you jerk off for me I will show you how I masturbate.'

I instantly nodded and whipped off my trunks, revealing my boner in the flesh. We sat on the deck facing each other. I began to rub my shaft as I always do, nice and slowly.

After a while I started to hear her pant and she began to fondle the top of her pussy, which I now know was her clit. I kept rubbing my shaft and she kept rubbing her clit and said:

'This is how I masturbate.'

We sat there getting off at each other masturbating for a while. After a little she began to shove her fingers inside her which made her moan and me come ever closer to cumming, I of course knew what that word was.

After a while her moans got a little louder and her movements got faster. All of a sudden she let out a relatively loud moan and her legs, hips, and most of the rest of her body tensed up.

She said:

'Did you see that? That is how I orgasm. Now, I want to see you orgasm. How about you give me a try.'

She took my hands off my dick and started to rub it herself. No sooner had she started rubbing did I cum. It was the best orgasm I had ever had and more cum came out than ever before. Some even got on her face. She just wiped it on her finger and put it in her mouth, which was surprising to me at the time.

We both lay on the deck for about a minute, happy and satisfied. Then we got our swim suits on and got back in the pool to relax.

That summer every time I came for a swim we did the same thing. I had never known how naughty Stephanie really was. That was the best summer I had ever had.



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